Idyllwild Arts Academy: Unleash your creativity in just one semester
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Idyllwild Arts Academy: Unleash your creativity in just one semester

“Art is the greatest teacher of humanity,” says Pamela Jordan, emphasising the impact artistic expression has on individuals and society as a whole. She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role as the president of Idyllwild Arts Academy — a premier institution in Southern California renowned for its commitment to helping emerging artists discover who they are and who they can be.

Idyllwild Arts believes every child deserves to discover their inner creative voice, which is why it is excited to invite local and international 10th and 11th-grade students to experience its impact firsthand. The school’s InterArts department offers the Semester Exchange Programme — a flexible alternative to a traditional four-year programme.

Through this opportunity, high schoolers from across the globe can experience the essence of Idyllwild Arts in a shorter time frame and still reap long-term rewards.

Your curriculum, your way

Semester students can customise their curriculum while receiving a holistic arts education led by industry-leading faculty. Idyllwild Arts offers seven art majors: Dance, Fashion Design, Film and Digital Media, Music, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, and InterArts.

Head of School, Jason Hallowbard explains, “We’ll provide academic classes for them and give them the experience of different artistic classes in disciplines they’re interested in.”

Whatever they choose, semester students receive hands-on training, take part in collaborative projects, and experience unique learning opportunities. The programme culminates with a Semester Seminar and Capstone Project, which sees students collaborating with peers to develop and execute a project that showcases their collective growth.

At Idyllwild Arts, Semester students benefit from access to top-tier faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. Source: Idyllwild Arts Academy

Explore and cultivate your talents across various disciplines

Idyllwild Arts believes in the power of venturing across disciplinary lines, which is why Semester Exchange students are enrolled in the InterArts major — an apt choice for high schoolers drawn to more than one art form or want to explore multiple disciplines. The major encourages learners to experiment with different mediums, techniques, and styles.

In addition, semester students will venture off campus for events, shows, installations, and exhibitions, to experience and showcase their new artistic endeavours.

Bridge the gap between artistic expression and societal impact

Art in Society (AIS) at Idyllwild Arts is a one-of-a-kind programme with an emphasis on becoming a Citizen Artist and honing voices for positive change. AIS students have created sustainable kits for unhoused families, raised money for communities without running water, and farmed community gardens. In the process, they built enduring connections within the community and advocated for causes close to their heart.

Gain a truly global perspective

As a residential high school that celebrates diversity and embraces students from over 35 different countries, Idyllwild Arts brings the world to its students. Whether collaborating on creative projects, exploring the natural beauty of the school’s mountaintop campus, or checking out the vibrant arts scene of Southern California, semester students gain the lasting and meaningful benefits of cultural exchange.

“Idyllwild Arts is up on the mountain top, between Palm Springs, LA and San Diego,” says Hallowbard. “We have access to all different sorts of artistic and cultural events in all those major cities, as well as isolation up on the mountains — so you can really focus on your art and dig deep to discover who you are.”

At Idyllwild Arts, counsellors ensure students get the advice and resources they need when they need it most, including referrals for specialised treatment when necessary. Source: Source: Idyllwild Arts Academy

Support every step of the way

With a wealth of support and resources available, all students are set up for success at Idyllwild Arts. Weekly meetings with advisors, office hours, and tutoring provide academic support, while college counsellors offer guidance for post-graduate plans. Test preparation resources ensure readiness for future endeavours, too.

“Whether the student needs to be pursuing an advanced portfolio for college application or perhaps they’re more exploratory, and they want to sample a variety of art forms — they’ll be able to accomplish those goals in our Semester Exchange programme,” affirms Reina Meek, Executive Director of the Centre for Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship. The well-being of students is of paramount importance. Idyllwild Arts’ Wellness Centre provides counselling, support groups, and workshops — all free of charge, ensuring students always have access to emotional support and valuable resources as they navigate life’s challenges. There is no better place for international students to experience the beauty of art, make meaningful connections and engage in an inspiring community than at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

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