Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program: An extraordinary experience
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Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program: An extraordinary experience

“Each year, hundreds of summer campers and Academy students travel more than a mile high into the mountains to Idyllwild, California. Once here, they walk onto a picturesque campus with dorms, charming classrooms, practice rooms and studios all surrounded by a beautiful wooded terrain.” – Pamela Jordan, President and Head of School of Idyllwild Arts

Idyllwild Arts Academy is revolutionizing the modern world through passion and creativity. This 205-acre campus is nestled in a stunning alpine setting, standing as a stage of heart and inspiration for art and creative expression.

This exclusive residential high school makes its home in the Golden State, offering a breadth and depth of pre-professional training in relation to the arts, and receiving universal acclaim. Here, 300 students from 35 different countries dedicate mind, body and soul to their own creative craft, empowered by an elite education that holds both talent and imagination in increasingly high regard.

Whether it is in Music, Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Film & Digital Media, InterArts or Fashion Design, you can rest assured Idyllwild students are in the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their craft.

Idyllwild Arts Summer Program – high-caliber arts instruction and memorable arts immersion

Designed with the diverse student population in mind, the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program can be specifically tailored to suit all ages and abilities. The program combines elite training sessions with unforgettable arts immersion workshops, giving 2,000 children, teens, adults and families intensive practical direction in the visual and performing arts. From sculpture to photography, painting to ceramics, jewelry-making to film and digital media, Native American arts to fashion design, plus dance, music, theatre and creative writing – the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program truly has it all.

Situated upon a 5,377-feet elevation in the Strawberry Valley on the Western slopes of the San Jacinto Mountains, students here are set to embark on an unforgettable summer venture. Spread across 205 acres of serene green space, where the air is fresh and uncontaminated, students here are rich in natural wonder, with the alpine forests, meadows and mountains serving as their stomping grounds. It’s a campus that is tranquil and completely isolated from cosmopolitan interruption, promising a rigorous education that embraces every aspect of the arts.

Here, students can expect to take part every day in six hours or more of engaging workshop activities, for which they must be on time and present for every class, rehearsal and performance designated by the instructors. The breathtaking campus also hosts a range of recreational facilities and activities, including a 25-meter swimming pool, organized hikes, field sports, recitals, performances, art exhibitions, lectures and a weekly barbecue and open mic night.

All Summer Program students are assigned a Counselor upon arrival, connecting them with faculty and administrators who will supervise their entire experience. These Counselors are caring, professional, attentive, and fun, earning their position through an intensive screening period that identifies the ideal person for the job.

On campus, you will make your new, temporary home in large, modern residence halls and eat your meals together in a community dining hall. The Krone Library, campus bookstore and laundry facilities are also openly accessible to all Summer Program students. A number of dance studios, rehearsal halls, film studios and practice rooms are also scattered across the site.

The Adult Arts Center is intensive yet laid back, offering a breadth and depth of technical instruction. Here, students receive dedicated support to suit individual creative needs, spurred by the drive and passion of fellow and like-minded artists. As with every facet of the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, instructors are experienced and ready to work with students of all levels and abilities.

Promising “a family adventure like no other,” Family Week at Idyllwild caters to students of every age. Here, you and your precious loved ones discover outdoor recreation alongside the arts, making the most of the mountains that surround the campus. Select arts and craft classes for you or your entire family, tailoring your schedule to suit specific needs. Choose from a huge array of workshops and activities, or simply kick back by the pool, while evenings are reserved for performances and lectures, or taking part in unmissable family games. This is the perfect chance for your family to come together in a week-long vacation that celebrates creativity.

Idyllwild’s program for Teens & Kids is arranged by age and area of interest. Giving Creativity Wings caters to 13-18 year olds, encompassing high school intensives and workshops that provide focused, hands-on and practical experiences. On the other hand, Igniting the Creative Spark targets kids aged 9 to 13, urging them to experiment and hone their creative expression in a positive way that is truly life-changing. There is also Inspiring Art in Children for kids aged 5 to 8, presenting a safe, motivational space where young ones can explore creativity and performance.

“For over 70 years, people have been coming to this beautiful and secluded campus in Idyllwild to experience the arts,” says Pamela Jordan, President and Head of School of Idyllwild Arts.

“The Summer Program and Arts Academy attract students from 35 countries and six continents who make up this one-of-a-kind learning environment,” she concludes. “Whether you are considering the Summer Program for yourself, or you are seeking a world-class academic and pre-professional high school for your son or daughter, you’ll be glad to have entered the network of Idyllwild Arts.”

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