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Taylors College Sydney: Resume your journey to the world’s best study abroad destination

Australia certainly lives up to its hype — think fun in the sun, boundless landscapes, oceans always within reach, a robust economy, safe surroundings, friendly locals, and of course, an abundance of fluffy koalas. Little wonder why this youthful country attracts students from across the globe.

Top universities play a crucial role in sparking their interests. The University of Sydney is a prime example, ranking first in Australia and fourth globally for graduate employability. They also boast a spot among the world’s top 40 overall.

The joy on the faces of returning students are testament to how these universities are loved as much as they are respected. On Dec. 15, 2021, Australia reopened borders to international students. Every international student who has completed a course of a vaccine approved or recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) can now enjoy the academic experience they always knew they deserved — one that is globally excellent and incredibly fulfilling.

Taylors College Sydney

Source: Taylors College Sydney

An Australian education ticks all the right boxes for many parents too. There’s a track record of successful graduates. Communities are safe and inclusive. At the time of writing, 92.5% of people aged 16 and over are double vaccinated. A significant number of programmes and universities are ranked highly.

Since preparing to thrive in a prestigious Group of Eight university is no small feat, Taylors College Sydney is providing the ultimate pathway to those who do not meet the necessary entry requirements just yet. The comprehensive University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP) was designed to equip learners with the skills needed to achieve stellar grades and the confidence required to go above and beyond.

Compulsory subjects cover the basics. Every student explores English A and English B, plus subjects dependent on their degree, such as: Mathematics for Business, Mathematics for Science, Music Core Theory and Music Core Performance, or Visual Arts and Design. Electives include Accounting, Australian Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Social Science, as well as Government and Law, amongst many more.

Taylors College Sydney

Source: Taylors College Sydney

Upon completing the program, students receive a conditional offer to a degree at the University of Sydney — as many as 96% of USFP students achieve this. With ample access to the University of Sydney’s campus grounds during the USFP, students start their next academic step at ease, engaged, and ready to progress with grace. Of course, every outcome is celebrated. Nearly 100% of USFP students go on to study at a tertiary institution.

The best part? Everyone enjoys the long summers, mild winters, vibrant festivals, cultural events, and globally inspired streets Sydney is known for. As our world slowly but steadily returns to normalcy, chances are they’ll never have to leave.

After weathering an unprecedented mix of academic, health and societal crises in the last two years, it’s now time for international students to discover their path in Australia and kickstart their career goals.

Do you want to know if the USFP is right for you? Sample the course today – click here.

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