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The Europa-Institut

The Europa-Institut at Saarland University is located in Saarbrücken, West Germany. It’s the second-oldest institute of its kind in Europe, with almost 70 years’ experience teaching and researching European and international law.

This long tradition, together with its unique geographical location, high teaching quality and excellent career services means the Europa-Institut is a unique and prestigious choice for the study of law.

Important European cities with unparalleled career opportunities are in easy travelling distance from the Europa-Institut. You’ll study in the heart of Europe, opening the gateway to achieving your career goals.

Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Brussels, Paris, The Hague, Geneva, Frankfurt and Berlin all host significant European and international organizations such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations or NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). At the Europa-Institut, you’ll be close to the action.

The Europa-Institut

The institute offers a one-year Master’s program (LL.M.) focusing on European and international law, which can be studied in English or German or a combination of both. This gives you the perfect opportunity to work on your language and communication skills if you wish to pursue a career in Europe.

During the course, you’ll study five modules specifically designed to prepare you for the European and international job markets.

The first module is on European Integration, focusing on the basics and foundations of European law, the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the topic if you come from outside of Europe.

Modules 2 to 5 include in-depth study of European Economic Law, Foreign Trade and Investment, International Dispute Resolution and European and International Protection of Human Rights and you can obtain up to two specializations in addition to your Master’s degree, i.e. an LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution or European and International Protection of Human Rights.

During the program, you’ll look at case studies and undergo negotiation and procedural training in addition to theoretically-minded lectures. This combination will equip you with the necessary analytical abilities to put your acquired theoretical knowledge into practice.

The Europa-Institut

The teaching of this LL.M. is of the highest quality, with the Europa-Institut inviting highly-qualified specialists from the academic and business worlds to combine excellence in academic training and practice-oriented teaching.

The institute is certified by ACQUIN in its provision of both outstanding research opportunities and quality of teaching, so you know your education is in safe hands.

The institute’s academic excellence is also supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Commission and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Furthermore, the Europa-Institut received the Certificate for Quality of Internationalisation (CeQuInt) for the successful implementation of an internationalization strategy in its Master’s program.

In fact, you’ll benefit from a highly international and multicultural environment whilst studying the LL.M., with 75 students coming from more than 40 countries each year.  Last year’s students came from all over the world, from Sweden to Spain, Nigeria to India, Croatia to Ukraine, Brazil to the US and China.

This international environment provides you with excellent opportunities to improve your communication skills, including international relationship building and cultural awareness – great preparation for working as part of an international team.

The Europa-Institut also provides specific soft skills training, including language courses, communication and negotiation skills training and application workshops.

You’ll have access to EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) training, gaining the opportunity to participate in moot courts and EuroSim, one of the largest simulations of European Union decision-making processes in the world.

The Europa-Institut

Another exciting bonus of the LL.M. is that you’ll go on excursions to European and international institutions, earning insights into the inner-workings of some of the world’s most important institutions.

You’ll be granted intensive support from the Europa-Institut team throughout your application and study, from visa processing to finding accommodation and study advice. Its extensive alumni network, EVER e.V., is another major perk.

More than 5,500 students from all over the world have graduated from the program and now hold positions in European and international organizations, internationally-oriented law firms, international companies, national governments and administrations.

Through the alumni association EVER e.V., you’ll benefit from incredible networking opportunities. Together with the Europa-Institut’s excellent careers services, you’ll be well-prepared for the European and international job market.

Take a look at the faculty now and kick-start your career in international or European law at the Europa-Institut at Saarland University.

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