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Take on the world’s health challenges with an MPH degree from Oregon State University

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University understands that the solutions to some of the world’s toughest health challenges cannot wait.

Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), the College trains the next generation of public health professionals with the knowledge and skills to improve health and well-being on a local and global scale. A world-leading faculty and a dedicated support team guide students toward their career goals.

Students can access a diverse range of Master of Public Health (MPH) degree options and benefit from small classes, personal connections, experiential opportunities and a wide range of resources and support.

MPH Online

The online MPH – Public Health Practice will provide you with the skills, knowledge and credentials to become a thriving public health professional. It is delivered 100 per cent online by one of America’s best providers of online education, and you’ll receive the same diploma and transcript as on-campus students.

MPH degree

Source: Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

As Associate Professor Sue Carozza explains, “The goal is to create a community of students online so they’re not just learning the material in isolation but developing connections that will benefit them professionally. We’re very intentional in creating a cohort model that gives them opportunities for networking and developing their skills in a peer-to-peer way.”

MPH Biostatistics

Turning numbers into answers, the MPH with an option in Biostatistics teaches you how to apply math to real-world problems, work across a variety of disciplines, find patterns in data and contribute to a wide range of public health research.

Examples of Biostatistics-based roles to pursue in this growing field are biostatistician, consultant, policy research analyst and researcher. You’ll be able to find work in health service organisations, academia, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies and more.

MPH Environmental and Occupational Health

An MPH with an option in Environmental and Occupational Health is ideal for students who wish to explore the impact of environmental and occupational hazards on human health and society and to develop effective interventions to control and prevent exposure to hazards.

MPH degree

Source: Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

According to Brittany Heller, an MPH graduate, small classes allowed greater access to professors and brought her cohort closer.

MPH Epidemiology

Reducing health risks by uncovering the root causes of disease and injury, specialising in epidemiology will open rewarding career avenues to health professionals, qualifying for roles like data scientist and health data analyst.

With a diverse and talented faculty studying a variety of factors affecting human health – including climate change, disease prevention and management, disaster preparedness, foodborne outbreaks, healthy ageing, HIV, maternity care, and pollutants – you’ll always be guided and inspired.

MPH Global Health

“With a background in Public Health-Global Health, I have learned to think critically when implementing and evaluating programmes. As a result, my approach to health is more holistic and comprehensive,” says MPH graduate Caryn Chalmers.

MPH degree

Source: Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Teaching you how to approach communities’ most pressing health challenges, to work hand in hand with underrepresented populations and to strive to alleviate health disparities around the world, this is the perfect interdisciplinary option for aspiring global health leaders.

MPH Health Promotion and Health Behaviour

If you’re drawn to helping others, getting to the root of problems and sourcing viable solutions, the MPH in Health Promotion and Health Behaviour is an MPH degree to consider.

With knowledge in social and behavioural influences at play in communities, especially those with health disparities, students can aim for work in health agencies, non-profit organisations and research institutions, working as a community health worker, project director or health promotion specialist.

MPH Health Systems and Policy

Do you want to trigger real change in peoples’ lives? The Health Systems and Policy programme will arm you with the tools to understand and address the complex effects policy has on health, healthcare markets and communities.

For April Gillette, an MPH graduate who now works with the Oregon Health Authority, this was a programme she felt she could make a difference in.

MPH degree

Source: Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Sciences

“The MPH programme really opened my eyes to how the human experience can be,” she says.

MPH Physical Activity

Understanding that physical activity is vital to the health of individuals and communities, this programme will let you deep dive into the science of movement to prevent diseases, prolong life and promote human health.

Future career options include corporate wellness consultancy, community health coordination, physical activity specialisation, research managing or directing physical activity programmes.

With so many different public health avenues to explore at Oregon State University, why not grab the opportunity to make a real-world difference today?

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