Tailored online learning experiences at Johns Hopkins University
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Tailored online learning experiences at Johns Hopkins University

Though many students aspire to continue their studies and to advance their careers through the pursuit of graduate degrees, real life often presents obstacles. For instance, few can leave jobs or families for the time required to complete a residential master’s degree program. Johns Hopkins University’s Engineering for Professionals (EP) online graduate degree programs offer working adults a convenient way to continue their education and enhance their competitiveness in a host of traditional and newly emerging engineering fields, from applied biomedical engineering and financial mathematics to cybersecurity and healthcare systems engineering.

Taught by instructors who are professionals working at the top of their fields, EP students can complete 100 percent of their coursework online in 19 master’s degree and certificate programs, with new online options being developed and added each semester to keep pace with a constantly changing engineering profession.

U.S. News & World Report ranks EP’s online programs among the nation’s best. In January, the school  was No. 14 in the overall category of Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs, and the Computer ScienceCybersecurityData Science and Information Systems Engineering online programs were ranked No. 5. In the area of Student Services and Technology, the school ranked No. 4 in the Best Online Graduate Information Technology Programs, and No. 7 in Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs.

Engineering for Professionals is part of Johns Hopkins’ University Whiting School of Engineering, a top-ranked and renowned engineering school that comprises nine departments: Applied Mathematics & Statistics; Biomedical Engineering; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Civil Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Environmental Health and Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering.

Dan Horn, Associate Dean for Engineering for Professionals, said, “Online courses at Johns Hopkins Engineering are unique because they are built solely for use in the online environment. Our team works hard to ensure that our online courses are highly interactive and reflect the most cutting-edge technologies.”

Flexible and relevant courses

Johns Hopkins Engineering’s online courses feature real-world, project-based learning and original course content built specifically for the online learning environment. Classes are academically rigorous, engaging, and highly practical, preparing students to tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Additionally, online students enjoy the same benefits, including digital resources, academic advising, and support services, as do students who attend classes onsite at Johns Hopkins University.

Best of both worlds

Students can also enjoy the flexibility of mixing online learning with onsite classes through a number of Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals programs. Both online and onsite classes are offered at times that complement the busy schedules of today’s practicing engineers and scientists. Having the option to use such a hybrid approach is a hallmark of the EP program.

Even non-degree seeking students who cannot commit to a full graduate program can enhance their knowledge and advance their careers through EP’s professional development certificate options. And those who already hold an undergraduate degree and satisfy admissions requirements can simply take classes that interest them, as well.

Providing the ultimate flexibility working professional engineers need, Johns Hopkins grants students access to the “knowledge, experience, and opportunities that make Johns Hopkins University a national leader in professional education for working engineers”.

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