Success for IT graduates at the University of New Hampshire
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Success for IT graduates at the University of New Hampshire

Are you already in the computing field, but looking to change your career or elevate your position? The MS IT program at the University of New Hampshire has been specifically designed for people like you.

Studying your Master of Science in IT (MS IT) at this top 50 public university (US News & World Report) promises to open new professional pathways to help you succeed. Don’t just take our word for it – delve into the success of its global alumni.

Six years ago when the conflict had just started to take hold, Rola Tokatli was living in Syria, working as a mechanical engineer for the Ministry of Defense. Today, she is Senior Business Intelligence Data Analyst at Merrimack Valley ACO, achieving her career goals in the US.

Tokatli decided to leave Syria when the humanitarian crisis began, arriving in America to live with her sister in New Hampshire. She was at a loose end career-wise, but she thought going back to school would be a great place to start.

Rola Tokatli. Source: UNH. Photo: David Vogt

“After attending an information session and touring the beautiful space at UNH Manchester, I was able to imagine myself here. The tradition, beauty, and academic reputation of the university were just a few of the factors that prompted me to choose graduate study at the Manchester campus,” she says.

Tokatli spoke to various staff who helped explore her skillset and outline her options, and she chose to enroll in the MS IT program. After attending the UNH Job Fair in Durham, she was offered a job with the Associated Grocers of New England (AGNE), impressing them with her modifications to their data tool.

“UNH not only took the time into introduce us to hundreds of potential employers, but also they helped me on my résumé and to prepare me for interview questions on a professional and personal level,” the graduate explains. “That is how I met my first employer, AGNE, and many of my classmates did too.”

At UNH, Tokatli learned the importance of envisioning her success in order to make her goals a reality. On May 19, 2016, she had the honor of serving as a graduate student marshal at the UNH Commencement Ceremony.

“Obtaining my degree from UNH was the first step into my professional career. In fact, one of the projects I worked on at AGNE was successful because not only was I taking a related subject, but I also had the opportunity to work on it with one of my professors,” she says.

The school was welcoming and helpful, giving Tokatli individualised advice and experience. From escaping conflict in Syria to becoming a Senior Data Analyst, she found her direction at UNH.

She highly recommends students to take advantage of what the school has to offer, professionally and personally, as this is a place where your voice will be heard. During her master’s, she also learned a lot about life outside the classroom: how to deal with different types of people, challenges, social pressures and environments, shaping both her character and career.

Another international student who found success though the MS IT program at UNH is Sunitha Raghurajan, a single mum from India. She was juggling two kids, a full-time job and day-to-day living, but she wanted more—leading her to choose to get her Masterof Science in Information Technology from UNH.

Raghurajan earned her bachelor’s degree in engineering in India, but eventually moved to the US, where she raised two boys and worked full-time as a Senior Development Engineer in Information Technology for the state of New Hampshire.

After spending many years in the same career, she felt that continuous learning opportunities had dried up, so decided to pursue the hands-on MS IT program at UNH. This set her on a path for incredible learning and growth, where she felt her ideas being challenged and thinking stretched.

“The new skills I had acquired through the MS program opened many doors that were closed to me before,” she says.

Sunitha Raghurajan,. Source: UNH.

During her master’s, Raghurajan developed a license plate recognition system as part of her thesis, and had already landed a job as a Senior Software Engineer at Single Digits in Manchester. She is now Advanced Lead Engineer at GE Aviation.

“The decision to pursue the program continues to reap incredible rewards for me,” she adds.

Raghurajan believes she was able to succeed in the program primarily due to the incredible generosity of her professors, who helped her catch up after missed classes and provided hands-on mentoring during thesis writing. This assistance and flexibility meant she could make the most of the program while still effectively juggling her personal responsibilities.

“I would highly encourage you to apply and take advantage of the opportunities this program offers you. Use the classes and resources to truly challenge yourself as a student and a professional,” Raghurajan states. “It will not be a decision you regret.”

UNH Manchester welcomes international students like Rokatli and Raghurajan from all over the world, promising academic excellence, hands-on experience and a student-centered community.

The campus is located in the heart of Manchester, New Hampshire, a city that embraces cultural diversity and is full of internship and career opportunities. It’s also only an hour drive to historic Boston, Massachusetts, and close to the state’s beautiful beaches, lakes and mountains.

If you’re looking to take a career leap in the US, but struggling to know where to look, consider choosing this tailored, hands-on program at UNH.

*UNH’s new MSc in Cybersecurity Engineering is coming soon – launching in the fall 2019, now accepting applications!

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