Study in style at these luxurious student apartments
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We all experience unique moments that make us happy during university.

For some of us, it could be the freedom to cycle into campus instead of getting stuck in traffic, or the realisation that there’s no queue in peak hours at your library’s cafe.

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There are also many different things that makes us stressed in our time at university.

For instance, the fact that there are no spaces left to lock up your bike ten minutes before an important lecture, or that the café is full of caffeine-deprived students who expect you to wait your turn in the queue.

When cycle rage takes over. Source: Giphy

Whatever happens throughout your day, it’s bound to affect your mood. That’s why a tranquil, comfortable room is great to come home to.

This personalised space, no matter what bad experiences you’ve encountered in the day, you know you’ll rest easy in the evening.

With the rise of luxury student accommodation, there has been a burst of international student interest as many prospective learners rush to secure themselves a slice of the high-life.

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So, here are five luxury student halls that are in-demand right now:

1. Vita Student York, Lawrence Street (UK)

How does a weekday grab & go breakfast sound to you? If you’re already licking your lips at the idea of a daily morning croissant, you really should read on…

Vita Student York offers you free contents insurance, free-to-use bikes, in-room smart TVs and a housekeeping service!

To sign up to this amazing accommodation option, studio cost varies depending on which floor you choose and how fast you snap it up. So, if you’re interested in the above facilities, Vita is the way forward.

2. Zenith Apartments, Cardiff (Wales)

With studio prices that range from £9000+ a year,  at Zenith Apartments, you’ll be gaining entry to a private dining room, gym and a state-of-the-art cinema.

Set just walking distance from the city’s main shopping district, you’ll be close to student life hot spots and incredible social events.

Zenith promises to provide you with superfast Wi-Fi, elegantly furnished apartments and even a party room for special occasions. You can also opt for an en-suite room for the ultimate student experience.

Imagine a private cinema! Source: Giphy

3. Aparto Dorset Point, Dublin (Ireland)

At Aparto in Dorset Point, you’ll not only benefit from an expansive choice of impressive apartments but you’ll also join a friendly team of staff on-hand 24/7 to help you out with any issues.

If you enjoy the outdoors and need to connect to nature during study breaks, the accommodation has multiple courtyards with table tennis, seating spaces and a basketball court.

Per week, a ‘Gold Ensuite’ could cost you £240+ while a 3-bedroom apartment could reach £260+ depending on the package you choose. The price is inclusive of utility bills and contents insurance.

4. The Boulevard on Stirling, Perth (Australia) 

With plans to open this year, the Boulevard on Stirling has just launched its display apartment to attract both international and local students to its Perth-based premises.

At this luxury abode, you’ll be situated in a 571-bed student tower inside either a self-contained studio or a shared apartment with communal study area. Prices are yet to be revealed.

To relax after a difficult day or an intense set of lectures, you can swim a few laps in the 15m heated pool. There’s even a gym, library and an exclusive rooftop event space with a cinema if you want to upgrade your movie nights!

Rooftop party! Source: Giphy

5. SkyVue Apartments, Pennsylvania (US) 

Just as its name suggests, SkyVue gives you a beautiful view of the Pennsylvanian skyline.

With an incredible sky lounge and pet-friendly community that provides an on-site dog walk and pet wash station, you and your furry friend will live the high-life!

In addition to breathtaking views, there are private collaboration rooms for serious study sessions and spacious barbeque spaces. But to find out the price of this American dream, you must contact the team to ask about rates and availability.


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