Invest in safe and secure accommodation in the heart of London

Invest in safe and secure accommodation in the heart of London

London has maintained its position as one of most influential hubs for international education, consistently drawing ambitious learners with the promise of cultural diversity and world-class academics.

With 300,000 full-time students and four universities ranked within the world’s Top 50, a quarter of all non-native students bound for the UK prepare to make their second home within the vibrant capital. Earlier this year, a report by student accommodation experts Fresh Student Living (FSL) named London as the world’s ‘education capital’. It’s a city that’s the thriving pulse of this global reputation, beating the likes of Sydney and Melbourne to the crown for the most favoured student city on the globe.

Despite all this, the city hosts a market that’s considerably undersupplied. One report notes that with just 88,950 purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) beds on offer, there are far less student housing options in this city when compared to the national average for peer markets.

In Zone 1, the agenda for student developments has significantly slowed down, with the same report showing a decrease in the number of PBSA beds from 6,888 in 2014-15 to 1,519 for 2017-18.

“Developers in London face substantial challenges in meeting the chronic undersupply of modern purpose-built student housing in the capital,” explains Huw Forrest, UK student housing expert.

“With population growth as well as increasing global demand for the world-class education the city provides, the fundamental supply and demand principles are so highly attractive for investors.”

But that’s not to say it’s impossible to find contemporary, connected student accommodation in the heart of the UK capital.

Barratt London helps serve this demand, accommodating the student, the professional and the creative alike in a quest to build housing that serves future needs. Getting the best out of London is all about location, and Barratt is set to enhance private buying – and in turn, the international student experience – through luxury apartments nestled in Southwark’s sought-after Blackfriars Road.

The Barratt International team understand the specific requirements of international clients, offering foreign language support, expert property investment advice and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Their reputation, built on the foundations of mutual trust and knowledge, has helped thousands of international clients find new homes in London.

In the last five years, Southwark has cemented itself as a dynamic urban space, seamlessly blending corporate expansion with an up-and-coming edge. This is where directors, architects, creatives and chefs come to feed their experimental visions to the world, forming a unique cultural melting-pot and inviting vibe. With the Houses of Parliament to the west, the Tate Modern to the north, plus the iconic Maltby Street and Borough Market conveniently settled in the east; students who live here literally have London at their feet.

“Coming back to London, I noticed a change of pace,” says Tom, a Blackfriars local and Restauranteur. “Food is more fashionable than ever. It’s so accessible now too – foodies everywhere come to this part of town to discover new things. That energy and curiosity drives [business].”

Barratt London’s Blackfriars Circus SE1 development will comprise 336 luxury homes – including studios, one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouse suites. This high-end, luxury building – set against the buzzing Southwark backdrop – provides one of the most exclusive residences in the entire UK capital. Here, young, inspired learners have the potential to live in a Zone 1 custom-built apartment; in a space that’s well-connected to top universities and central London’s finest perks.

All homes come complete with a well-kept winter garden or serene outdoor space, offering a homely city haven for well-earned study breaks, or that much-needed family getaway.

On top of this, the homes have been constructed around two new public squares – space for proposed shops – including Tesco and a rich smorgasbord of independent cafes.

Residents of Blackfriars Circus SE1 gain access to a state-of-the-art fitness suite and bookable event space, with panoramic views of the city’s famous skyline from Conquest Tower’s stunning rooftop terrace.

Underground parking is also an option, ensuring the transition to London life is both convenient and stress-free. And the package comes complete with a 24-hour concierge service and protected key card access, ensuring your investment remains safe and secure throughout your stay and far beyond.

“We were keen to restore the area as a busy, proud part of the city’s fabric, bringing life with an array of shops, cafes and businesses, and opening up the site with green spaces behind the street facades,” says Stuart Leslie, International Sales Director at Barratt London. “Blackfriars Circus will be a new destination for high-quality residential living, local shopping, eating and leisure.”

If you’re looking to invest in safe and secure accommodation for your child in the world’s best-loved student city, Barratt’s Blackfriars Circus SE1 development is a space you will be proud to call your own.

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