VIDEO: Student halls should be more like Apple’s Campus, not Kardashian mansions

Pic: Shutterstock.

If you pay close enough attention, you will see a growing similarity between student housing and a Kardashian mansion – the price tag.

A one-bedroom student apartment can charge up to US$2,860 per month for a 12-month lease. And the price only climbs higher if the lease is shorter.

Sure, it’s not exactly Kim Kardashian’s US$10,000 a night penthouse in Chelsea, New York City, but according to real estate developers, the market for luxury student housing is heading towards Hollywood opulence as demand by rich students grows.


Is this the right direction for student housing? The Kardashian mansions may be great for their celebrity lifestyles, but they’re not exactly the best spaces for college students, whose aim lest we forget, is academic excellence.

Our video above suggests how student housing can do better.

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