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Strathallan School: Exceptional education, outstanding results

Committed to bringing out the best in each pupil, Strathallan School is more than just a boarding school; it’s a community that provides a well-rounded education that prepares your child for university and beyond. This international reputation is 100 years in the making. The school first welcomed students in 1913, and today, it ranks as one of the top independent schools in Scotland and the UK.

Nestled in Perthshire, Scotland, Strathallan offers a quintessentially British boarding experience against the backdrop of a spectacular rural campus. It’s the best of both worlds here as students are surrounded by green fields and countryside, but are within easy reach of Scotland’s main transport routes. Good connectivity to major cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London makes it a convenient choice for local and international students.

It is in this verdant, temperate and strategic setting that Strathallan is inspiring excellence, cultivating character, and empowering various aspirations — whatever they may be. Here, students of all backgrounds are welcomed with open arms to nurture their talent and achieve great things.

And along the way, they learn important lessons about the world and their place in it. With over 50 different nationalities represented within its student body, the school embraces and celebrates each student’s uniqueness. This international mosaic fosters a global perspective, creating an enriching environment for cross-cultural learning and understanding.

Strathallan School

Strathallan School is the first school in Scotland to offer pathways which include full GCSE and A Level offerings alongside full Highers and Advanced Highers programmes. Source: Strathallan School

It’s all part of the school’s unwavering commitment to providing a broad, inclusive education — which often leads to students achieving their best grades and the skills needed to succeed on their chosen path. In 2023, A Level students celebrated outstanding A Level results. With 70% A*-B and a third of the pupils getting the equivalent of three A’s or better, this marked the school’s second-best A Level results in the last decade. “These results, combined with everything else they have achieved beyond the classroom leave me in no doubt that our Strathallians are well prepared for whatever comes next,” Headmaster Mark Lauder.

Isabella Zhu, who scored A*, A*, A, A, A in Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Chinese, is on her way to read Biomedical Sciences at one of the world’s top 10 universities. “It feels unreal knowing that I’m heading to Imperial next month. I visited it last year and loved everything about it,” Zhu says.

Such success is born out of the school’s nurturing environment fostered by passionate teachers and tutors prioritising subjects and student welfare — something Zhu can attest to. Joining Strathallan four years ago, she says studying in Scotland has surpassed her expectations.

“The teachers have all been fantastic. They are more like friends with lots of good advice. I’ve always felt welcome and I know I’ve made lifelong friends boarding in Perthshire,” she says.

Strathallan School

Strathallan School’s teams regularly win district and national championships. Source: Strathallan School

Beyond academics, sport is a big part of school life. At least 10% of students play at a national or international level each year. Whether it’s for fun or to beat records, students can choose from a selection of offerings, including rugby, swimming, equestrian, hockey, shooting, canoeing, skiing, and more. Exceptional facilities make this possible — over the last two decades, the school invested 22 million pounds into developing the campus.

There’s plenty of room for performing arts students to grow, too. Take Alexandra M, for instance. As part of the leading Traditional Music and Scottish Culture programme, Alexandra has been playing with the Strathallan Pipe Band every day since she came to the school. This year, she was part of the senior Pipe Band that shared the stage with the award-winning Scottish Celtic Rock group Skerryvore at Perth Concert Hall. “It’s a night I will never forget,” she says.

Such wide-ranging opportunities for students to reach their full potential have led to Strathallan being shortlisted for the Independent School of the Year (Performing Arts) in 2023 award and winning the BSA Boarding Innovation Award 2023.

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