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Olivia Lemmel has always wanted to make the world a better place.

The self-described “science nerd” was all ready to study one of the STEM courses at university and contribute to humanity through research.

That is, until she became the President of the student association at her high school in Sweden.

“Through that I got in touch with many people that really inspired me in different ways, so I asked them where they had gone to university and they all said Stockholm School of Economics (SSE),” the 22-year-old student told Study International.

“I slowly started to realise that the best way to fulfill my goal and achieve tangible change would be to operate within the business sector and the best place to get an education for that in Sweden is definitely SSE.”

Are you business-minded with an interest in sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you want to land a job offer within three months of graduation?

If so, the Bachelor’s programme in Business and Economics at SSE is the ideal academic route for you to take.

As Olivia discovered, this is where you will gain a solid foundation for a career in business, entrepreneurship, government and non-government organisations.

You’ll also acquire industry-relevant knowledge through these courses: Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Law and Data Analytics.

 And because sustainability is one of the four main concerns in the strategy of SSE, you’ll also take part in two Global Challenges courses during the first two years of this Bachelor’s programme.

These courses aim to educate you about urgent and large-scale current issues, such as climate change, population growth, pandemics, political instabilities or autonomous intelligence.

Stockholm School of Economics

For these courses, Olivia and her group had a great time addressing the need for basic knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) in global society:

“AI is something that can be used to help solve all of our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global challenges that we’re facing, so we set out to educate one percent of the Swedish population about the basics of AI and its future impact.”

But nothing could beat the memory of attending a lecture by her idol, Johan Rockström, the “climate science rock star” Olivia has followed for a while:

“It was super interesting with him presenting the state we are in right now when it comes to the environment and putting it in a perspective from a business and future leader point of view. What are the actual scientific facts about the world and what are both our challenges but also our opportunities to tackle this within the business sector.”

“That lecture really left a mark on me,” she said.

With a world dealing with monumental obstacles, courses like SSE’s Global Challenges arm students with the knowledge and tools to confront them.

SSE President Lars Strannegård said, “It also helps students to engage in the really pressing issues that society is facing and enables them to develop the tools to make change happen; I think it’s a fantastic course package!”

Stockholm School of Economics

Are you ready to evolve into a future retail industry leader?  

If so, then take a look at SSE’s Bachelor’s programme in Retail Management.

During this programme, you will take courses that provide general knowledge about business and economics as well as more specific, advanced knowledge about retail.

According to SSE alumnus Johnny Johansson, this programme gave him the skills he needed to advance his global career.

“I use the concepts I learned in school on a daily basis in order to make new and better processes globally, as well as to build our brand values,” said Johnny, who is now the Facebook Client Solutions Manager for South Asia Emerging Markets.

There is also an Applied Retail Track in the BSc in Retail Management programme which connects you to SSE’s retail clubs such as H&M, Accenture, Axel Johnson, Coca Cola and more.

By working closely with these global industry giants through half-day workshops, company visits, themed lectures, career planning seminars and a company project, you’ll get to apply everything you’ve learned from this Bachelor’s degree to the real world of retail business.

This course also gives you and companies the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange ideas and share experiences.

“SSE connected me with Facebook thanks to a company presentation they had in our facilities — without that presentation I would not have applied to the company,” Johnny adds.

So if you’re interested in building an innovative and sustainable business career, contact the Stockholm School of Economics today to see where your Bachelor’s degree will take you.

It’s time to take your skills to the industry forefront.

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