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Stockholm School of Economics - - Photo: Juliana Wiklund

At one of the top-ranked business schools in the region, two world-class Bachelor programmes are now open to international students from around the world.

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is well on its way to becoming truly international. Starting August this year, all programmes will be taught in English – a move that will attract more talent to the renowned Swedish institution. Currently, over 40 nationalities are represented at the School, with international students making up 30 percent of the overall intake across all programs.

This diverse and dynamic atmosphere is one of the best things about SSE, according to BSc Business and Economics student Tindra Hedlund:

“I just love the atmosphere at the Stockholm School of Economics! The students and the faculty are warm and welcoming and extremely helpful … The feeling of endless opportunities, that ‘all doors are open’ and that ‘your success is my success’ is just wonderful,” she writes on the School blog. “That combined with ambitious students who have a drive to study and a yearn of [sic] learning is very inspiring and creativity flows in the hallways.”

SSE is one of Europe’s leading business schools and is internationally recognised in The Financial Times (FT) Business Education Rankings.

A number of things contribute to its success. It is a small school that fosters close connections between students, faculty and staff. There is engagement with the business community, creating many opportunities for students – 95 percent of all Bachelor graduates from SSE are employed within three months of graduation. There are career coaching services available, as well as distinct exchange programmes with over 75 renowned business schools around the world.

Two degrees that encompass these features and designed to help students launch successful careers in business are the BSc in Business and Economics and BSc in Retail Management.

Stockholm School of Economics – Photo: Juliana Wiklund

BSc in Business and Economics

In the Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics programme, students gain a solid foundation, setting them up for a career in business, entrepreneurship, government and non-government organisations over the course of three years.

Their first three semesters cover economics, finance, accounting, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, strategy, law and data analytics, where students work on developing skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, innovative thinking, and creativity.

In the fourth semester, they are able to specialise in their particular area of interest, based on the courses they have taken.

For their last two semesters, students will produce a thesis in their specialisation and electives. During this third year of their studies, students can opt to go on an exchange programme too.

Students also undertake two Global Challenges courses during the first two years, learning to understand, manage, and solve complex global problems in business, in preparation for international business settings.

With this qualification in hand, SSE graduates are set for a variety of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities and advanced studies. This includes, but is not limited to, roles such as entrepreneur, accountant, marketing manager, controller, media manager or business analyst.

To study at SSE is to follow in the footsteps of over 90 percent of its 2018 Bachelor graduates who have accepted a job offer within three months of graduation.

BSc in Retail Management

The Bachelor of Science in Retail Management programme offers a more specialised education preparing them for the retail industry. The course kicks off with a foundation in economics, marketing, accounting, management and strategy, which is tweaked to provide both general and retail-specific content.

During the third year, students take fewer courses as much of their time is spent on writing two reports: a company project within the Applied Retail Track and their Bachelor thesis.

The core teaching formats on the Applied Retail Track comprise half-day workshops and company visits, in which all students are able to participate.

Students in this programme also benefit from the Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Programme that runs parallel with the classroom courses over three years.

Using a more personalised learning approach, the programme aims to convey general knowledge and develop intellectual capacity, complementing the academic and practical content of the Applied Retail Track.

Students are invited to discuss their experiences and reflect on their own development with tutors who are faculty members.

Among the roles graduates will be well-qualified to become are brand managers, key account managers, entrepreneurs, project managers, PR consultants, marketing researchers, marketing managers, controllers, and management consultants.

Doors to a variety of industries, from manufacturing to the service sector and even banking and insurance, will be open for them too.

Alternatively, this degree provides an ideal foundation for graduates to continue their studies at the postgraduate level.

Stockholm School of Economics – Photo: Juliana Wiklund

A curriculum for future entrepreneurs and digital leaders

The curricula on both programmes are a great match  for millennials, i.e. the “entrepreneur generation”, and the Generation Z following in their footsteps.

Surveys show today’s youth are looking to become savvy business leaders, be it by launching their own start-ups or making a difference in the world through the organisations they join.

According to the Online Schools Center, nearly half of Gen Z-ers plan to become entrepreneurs, with 41 percent stating that they plan to start their own businesses and 45 percent stating that they will invent something world-changing.

SSE also prepares them to become future business leaders. With modules like analytics, students will gain the required digital savviness to lead in the future or what a report by MIT Sloan Management Review calls the “new leadership hallmarks in the digital economy”.

Vibrant student life

At SSE, student life is one that is rich and fulfilling.

There are a number of student clubs and activities where students can interact and build friendships with like-minded individuals.

As for the Student Association at SSE, Tindra, who is also a student ambassador, describes it as “incredibly active”.

“The Student Association organises all kinds of events; from beautiful banquets, to sweaty sport practices to lunch lectures with leading companies. Engagement in the Student Association does not only grant you experience and new friends, but is also highly respected by companies looking to hire and a great opportunity to try new things,” she wrote.

Further complementing the learning experience at SSE are the student exchange programme and the activities organised by the international committee of the student association.

For business students specifically, they can also begin their entrepreneurial journey at the SSE Business Lab, an incubator that supports students in their business ventures.

Through progressive education in business and enriching student experiences, international students are able to grow both professionally and personally at the Stockholm School of Economics.

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