Stockholm School of Economics: A cut above the rest
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“The education at SSE definitely endows you with solid accounting knowledge. More importantly, it helps you develop a growth mindset that encourages you to trust your own judgement and explore different options without worrying too much about the ultimate outcome.” – Xiaoyu Ma, Master of Accounting and Financial Management, Stockholm School of Economics

Ranked the Number 1 Business School in the Nordic region, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) basks in national and international recognition. Boasting a world-class reputation both in Sweden and abroad, SSE should lay firmly on the radar of aspiring business buffs and financial moguls – with its Master of International Business program also being ranked 23rd in the world.

Powered by a culture of respect and innovation, this school collaborates with leading players in the global business sphere. This is an institution set on inspiring change and making an impact through truly influential, boundary-breaking research. Since 1999, the school has been accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), showing that all activities – in terms of programs, research and beyond – have demonstrated excellence at a universal level.

SSE hosts a graduate program portfolio that’s sought-after and revered. Every degree offering has been meticulously developed in co-operation with the research and business communities, granting an edge that helps graduates land prominent roles within business, NGOs, government, media and politics, or even launching their own companies.

Images courtesy of Juliana Wiklund

The three-year Bachelor program in Retail Management is a popular choice for the training retail magnate, offering an English-taught foundation to a globally-relevant career. And with five two-year Master programs, all delivered in English, SSE is the perfect place to expand on and refine existing corporate expertise. Master programs include:

“As many might have heard, ‘accounting is the language of business’,” says Martin Carlsson-Wall, Associate Professor and Director of the MSc in Accounting and Financial Management at SSE. “Regardless of whether you go into management consulting, investment banking, business control or start your own business, you always need to know the numbers” he adds.

“This has become even more important today when so many things are ‘data-driven’. Investors, customers, suppliers and employees want to know how things are going, but also what the future might hold.”

Image of Martin Carlsson Wall taken by Nicklas Gustafsson

The MSc program at SSE offers breadth and depth that more traditional accounting and financial management programs simply can’t provide. It gives a comprehensive view of everything from corporate valuation and quantitative financial analysis to more qualitative topics such as strategic management control and financial communications. Almost every class involved takes a clear business approach, harnessing the principles of accounting and financial management to describe real-world implications.

SSE itself nurtures close corporate bonds with more than 100 leading partners, presenting a wealth of opportunities that are firmly rooted into the SSE experience. The school frequently hosts case studies, skill seminars, company visits and presentations every week, giving students the chance to interact with key industry figures on a regular basis.

“Even though our faculty publishes in top international journals, we work closely with leading companies in Stockholm and Sweden,” Carlsson-Wall explains. “For example, McKinsey, Atlas Copco, Spotify, Deloitte and Investor – the largest company in the Nordic region – are part of the Advisory Board for the program.”

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Here, classes are small, and teaching is highly interactive between both students and faculty. Students enjoy an enriching life post-graduation, joining a strong alumni network that reaches every corner of the globe.

The school’s placement report highlights the success of SSE’s corporate partnerships and commitment to quality. With 92 percent of BSc and MSc graduates accepting long-term job offers within three months of graduation, SSE alumni are both desired and recruited on a global scale. A dedicated Career Management team provides information, training and support in employable expertise for the corporate environment. Here, the emphasis is on developing student strengths and self-assessment skills, presenting an extensive array of professional development workshops, personal career guidance, career coaching and online resources.

“Since our program is so broad,” Carlsson-Wall adds, “our alumni go onto a large variety of sectors, but many start out their first years in management consulting. We also see great interest from the Stockholm tech scene. Even though companies like Spotify need a lot of engineers, they also need business controllers who keep track of the money and can help top management make sound business decisions.”

Images courtesy of Juliana Wiklund

In terms of Stockholm as a global study destination, students here really are a cut above the rest. Stockholm is known for many things, but is perhaps most famous for being one of the most sustainable cities in the world and a hub for innovation – on top of being perceived as one of the safest and most international. With the highest number of unicorn start-ups per capita after Silicon Valley, Stockholm is now known as a pioneering tech haven. Companies such as Spotify, Skype, King and Mojang have all planted humble roots in this vibrant city.

“Stockholm is a liveable city with convenient transportation links and kind residents,” Xiaoyu Ma, MSc Accounting & Finance student at SSE.

“It’s lively and energetic, but not overwhelmingly hectic. In China, the majority of us are in a hurry to chase what others generally consider important, whereas in Sweden, most people listen to the appeal of their inner spiritual world. As such,” the student concludes, “they enjoy seeking continuous refinement of what they’re doing. For me, the best part about studying in Stockholm is to get immersed in this kind of craftsman’s spirit which stimulates constant self-reflection and improvement.”

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