Stephen King's $1 short story programme sparks student creativity
Would you sign up for this Stephen King programme? Source: Shutterstock

Just when we thought Stephen King couldn’t get cooler, he goes and sets up an incredible short story sharing platform named Dollar Babies.

The legendary author decided to unleash the creativity of film students by making this selective list of titles available for adaptation.

As AV Newswire notes, “Students at the Blaenau Gwent Film Academy in the UK are set to make their own foray into the world of King adaptations by picking up the rights to one of King’s story for the token sum of $1.

“This is all because of the ‘Dollar Babies’ programme on King’s website, which allows film students to pick up the adaptation rights to one of King’s stories for a very low price.”

By eradicating financial barriers that restrict student talent from grasping the rights for high-profile short stories, King sets an extraordinary example for other authors to follow.

As King states on his Dollar Babies web page, “These stories are not under contract for movies, which means they are available for film students who want to try their hands at a Stephen King story. If you want to be one of my dollar babies, send us your info.”

So, if you’re a film student whose keen to adapt such stories as The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, All That You Love Will Be Carried Away, Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1), Beachworld, Mute or Nona, click here and send a message to Stephen!

By developing your talent as a ‘Dollar Baby’, you could take your creative career to a whole new level…

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