UK student challenges school's bag ban with a creative alternative
Would you use a kitchen appliance to carry your school books? Source: Joshua Earle/Unsplash

When a brand-new academic year is nigh, picking out a flash new bag and stationary set is all part of the fun!

But at Spalding Grammar School in Lincolnshire (UK), students have been asked to carry their books by hand in an attempt to prevent back injury from heavy bags and backpacks.

To start with, the ban at Spalding Grammar applied to Year 7 students through to Year 11, bit this has since extended to sixth form learners.

In a creative attempt to swerve the ban, Jacob Ford, a 17-year-old student at Spalding Grammar decided to carry his books in a very unconventional way…

…He used a microwave.

As LADbible reports, “Jacob responded to the ban by staging a protest – carrying his books in a microwave and a wicker basket, which must have been heavier and far harder than pretty much anything else he could have chosen. He also wrote a 3,000 word essay, arguing that a compromise could be reached between sixth formers and the school.”

Unfortunately, Jacob’s protest resulted in a two-day suspension after he refused to hand over his phone.

On a positive note, it has earned Jacob online fame and the title of ‘microwave book kid’ on various social media pages.

Despite the obscurity of this occurrence, watch this space – there may soon be a new range of kitsch kitchen appliances coming out next year to cater for stylish school book carrying!

Book carrying microwaves are on trend right now! Source: Giphy

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