SCU Winter School: Welcoming the next generation of legal changemakers
Source: SCU, School of Law and Justice

“Southern Cross University’s School of Law and Justice is a dynamic and stimulating place to study, whether online or on campus in picturesque Lismore or the vibrant Gold Coast.”- Professor MacNeil, Southern Cross University (SCU)

Combining global campuses in the Gold Coast and Lismore with a contemporary learning community, Southern Cross University (SCU) supports and inspires the next generation of legal changemakers.

Through the established School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University (SCU) provides aspiring legal practitioners with purposeful undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and an annual Summer Intensive Law School at two of Australia’s most iconic holiday destinations, the Gold Coast and the world-famous Byron Bay.

If you’re searching for a law school with a strong social conscience, you’re in luck.

“[At] the School of Law and Justice, you will study not only our legal system’s rules, principles and policies, but what we take to be its core concept: justice,” says Professor William P. MacNeil, Dean of Law and Head of School at SCU Law and Justice.

Source: SCU, School of Law and Justice

One thing that sets this School of Law and Justice apart from competition is its upcoming Winter Law School. Set to take place in July 2019, this school grants you the opportunity to benefit from socially-poignant and intellectually-stimulating subjects.

Giving you a unique global insight into diverse legal contexts and dimensions, as well as diverse study topics that give you an extra angle to add to your professional portfolio, the school has captured the interests of students, both locally and internationally, year after year.

The SCU 2019 Winter School

With a proposed theme of Wizards, Witches and Traditional Knowledge on the Beach, the Winter School intensives include English Witch Prosecutions, Legal Fictions, the Rhetoric of Law and Traditional Knowledge.

As you can see from the 2018 Winter School website, this is a seasonal hub that represents a comprehensive journey into global law.

Source: SCU, School of Law and Justice

Ideal for students from a wide range of disciplines and counted as CPD for legal practitioners, here, you’ll enter an invaluable legal retreat that takes you through some of the field’s most complex contexts and dimensions.

During The Rhetoric of law intensive, students shall explore the discursive conventions of Law, a discipline built on powerful narratives and solid rhetorical practices while simultaneously denying that it is anything other than the simple application of known and certain rules.

Legal Fictions will encourage students to investigate the ways in which images of law in popular culture depict, distort and critique the legal process, the role of lawyers, even jurisprudence itself.

The study of the criminalisation and prosecution of witchcraft in England during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and early eighteenth centuries will extend students’ knowledge to a historical discipline, giving a strategic balance of past and present concepts in the global sphere of law and an extensive spectrum of expertise.

Source: SCU, School of Law and Justice

In Wisdom, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property students will be introduced to basic concepts associated with intellectual property and how these forms of law interact with traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.

The Winter School will be followed by the first round of Summer School intensives running at the Gold Coast in December 2019 and shall delve into other fascinating topics like International Business Negotiations, Psychiatry, Psychology, and International Criminal Justice.

By collaborating with the distinguished School of Law and Justice, you’ll either enhance your current career and add a valuable asset to your law degree programme. A window into new professional opportunities and outlooks, enquire about the 2019 Winter/Summer School today by emailing or calling 1800 626 481.

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