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“I definitely think that knowledge is power and having an education opens you up to so many opportunities that you might not have had before.” – Kahurangi Simpson, Bachelor of Laws, Southern Cross University

The School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University (SCU) refines the next generation of legal changemakers. Programmes here are both cutting-edge and relevant, allowing students to develop the skills needed to stand out in an increasingly competitive world.

It’s a school that’s creative, contemporary and rife with curiosity, attracting students from all over the globe to campuses in the Gold Coast and Lismore, plus its summer intensive offered at the world-famous Byron Bay. SCU itself is revered and respected for its strong social conscience, a factor that sits at the heart of the curriculum and directs the school’s approach towards the entire legal profession.

“[At] the School of Law and Justice, you will study not only our legal system’s rules, principles and policies, but what we take to be its core concept: justice,” says Professor William P MacNeil, Dean of Law and Head of School at SCU Law and Justice.

Source: Southern Cross University

“At Southern Cross University, we strongly feel that a legal education without the idea of justice at its centre is no legal education at all.”

In line with the value of justice, the school also provides insight into Justice for the Earth, offering units in Environmental Law, Ecological Jurisprudence, Climate Law, Justice for Animals and Animal Law. These modules are current and topical, serving the rising global demand for an informed environmental conscience.

A complement to SCU’s Summer Law Programme – a law-based residential that has run for more than two decades – the school now offers a Winter Law School program in July, which represents a comprehensive journey into global law. Known to be thought-provoking and academically world-class, this invaluable legal retreat introduces learners to some of the field’s most complex contexts and dimensions.

In 2018, Winter School intensives covered subjects in Global Legal Pluralism and International Humanitarian law.  These will be followed up in Dec 2018 with the school’s first round of summer school intensives running at the Gold Coast, delving into fascinating topics like International Business Negotiations, Information Environmentalism and Mooting.

Source: Southern Cross University

Some of SCU’s summer intensives taking place later this year include:

International Business Negotiations teaches students all about negotiations and transactional legal practice through a structured and simulated negotiation exercise. You will represent different international companies looking to work together to make use of new technologies.

This unique, collaborative opportunity could come in the form of a joint venture, a licensing agreement or a long-term supply contract. All negotiations take place through written exchanges and live conversations.

In Information Environmentalism, students delve into emergent ideas surrounding contemporary information regulation. You will identify parallels between environmental law frameworks that evolved in the 1970s, analysing the 21st century need for regulatory structures concerning the information environment.

Source: Southern Cross University

Mooting instils students with the legal research and advocacy expertise needed to compete in mooting competitions, honing skills needed to practice and succeed in the field of professional law.

On top of being intellectually rigorous and rewarding, SCU’s Summer Law School offers an unrivalled venture into the depths of global law. The programme will enhance your skillset in elements of law, politics and culture, introducing a legal world you would not have previously discovered.

The second part of the school’s summer program will take place at Gold Coast and Byron Bay in January 2019. Dubbed ‘Entertainment on the Beach’, this will introduce brand-new legal theories in two of the world’s most spectacular locations. Planned units include: Entertainment Law, Advanced Sport Law, Law, Film and Ideology, International Human Rights Law and Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law.

“Southern Cross University’s School of Law and Justice is a dynamic and stimulating place to study, whether online or on campus in picturesque Lismore and/or the vibrant Gold Coast,” Professor MacNeil concludes.

Source: Southern Cross University

“Our staff are committed to providing quality learning experiences for all of our students and we enjoy an enviable reputation for innovative teaching.

“…In coming to the School of Law and Justice, you have taken your first, exciting step along an academic pathway that promises rich intellectual, social, and professional rewards.”

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