best scholarships to study in Europe
The best scholarships to study in Europe are in Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden. Source: Fabio Muzzi/AFP

A good degree with a truckload of great memories isn’t just limited to the rich. Thanks to scholarships to study in Europe, everyone can learn and live in Europe too.

The good news is several universities offer scholarships to study in Europe. This happens for many reasons: it draws talented researchers to them and makes their campuses more diverse.

More researchers means they’re likelier to produce good — or more — research, a factor that paves the way for universities to rank higher on global league tables.

More diverse campuses lead to a larger mix of ideas, skills and opinions, ripe for healthy debates that make us more exposed and more global.

All of which, in turn, make universities better in the long run. And these are just two benefits — there are many more factors that compel universities to invest up to millions in students.

And you, talented reader, could be one of them.

Here are five great universities offering scholarships to study in Europe

Many top-ranked universities offer scholarships to study in Europe. Win one of them and you too could soak in the cool of Amsterdam. Source: Maartje Blijdenstein/AFP

1. The University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands

The Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) is open to students in a wide range of subjects, from economics and law to medicine and psychology.

Apply to the Admissions Offices of the Graduate Schools, which will have their specific eligibility requirements, selection criteria and application instructions.

2. Lund University, Sweden

This university awarded more than 100 Lund University Global Scholarships in 2022, and its recipients represented more than 40 countries.

The scholarship award targets students that are outside of the EU and EEA.

Some are programme-specific, such as Ingvar Kamprad Scholarship, the Lund University Global Scholarship Programme and The Söderberg Scholarship.

Lund University also uniquely offers scholarships that are country-specific such as for Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, Russia, and Uruguay.

3. The University of Pisa, Italy

Despite being one of the oldest universities in Europe, the University of Pisa has a vibrant community of international students that enjoy lessons in English.

Every year, the university allocates 24 merit scholarships for international students in its master’s programmes or Bachelor in Management (Business and Economics) programme.

Students who are planning to join the 2023-24 academic year are eligible to apply right now.

Find more information on one of the best scholarships to study in Europe here.

best scholarships to study in Europe 2023

As a recipient of one of these scholarships to study in Europe, you can experience a true German Christmas. Source: Daniel Roland/AFP

4. Heidelberg University, Germany

Heidelberg University is ranked among the top three universities in Germany.

The university has a strong knack for recognising academic excellence and awards scholarships to the deserving.

For international students, the International Ambassador Scholarship may be applicable to you. For more info, click here.

5. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Government provides scholarships to international students, through a limited number of grants and tuition waivers at this top-ranked Danish university.

If you are a highly talented student with outstanding academic results, and do not reside within the EU or EEU, you can consider applying here.