Scholarships for international students in Germany

Always wanted to study in Europe but lack the funds? One country you can consider is Germany. Tuition is free for undergraduate international students, but they are still required to pay for room and board, which can be costly.

Graduate-level programmes in Germany are not free, but they are markedly lower than other popular study abroad countries.

There are scholarships and grants available for international students, covering their expenses while studying in beautiful Germany.

Here are four scholarships and stipends (besides the popular Erasmus+ programme) that you could be eligible for.

Deutschland Stipendium

According to I Am Expat, “Around 90 percent of German higher education institutions participate in the Deutschland Stipendium, a programme that awards scholarships to high-achieving students of all different nationalities.”

Qualified students receive a monthly grant of 300 euros, half of which is pledged by private sponsors (who also provide non-financial support like mentoring and networking) and the other half from the federal government.

Who can apply? According to the website, “The Deutschland stipendium is awarded by the universities. Applicants must meet the requirements of the individual institutions.

“In addition to academic achievement, the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients include social commitment and personal achievements, such as a student overcoming challenges or obstacles in his or her social or family background.”

Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) Scholarship 

Offered by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), this scholarship is for foreign graduates from developing and newly-industrialised countries from all disciplines.

According to the website, “Well-trained local experts, who are networked with international partners, play an important part in the sustainable development of their countries. They are the best guarantee for a better future with less poverty, more education and health for all.”

The scholarship enables recipients to undertake a postgraduate or Master’s degree at a state or state-recognised German university, or in exceptional cases, a doctoral degree, helping students obtain a university qualification (Master’s/PhD) in Germany.

To apply, you must have least two years’ professional experience, fulfil the necessary academic requirements and can be expected to successfully complete a study programme in Germany (above-average result for first academic exam – top performance third, language skills), and hold a Bachelor’s degree.

Plus, candidates must be able to prove their motivation is development-related, and “be expected to take on social responsibility and initiate and support processes of change in their personal and professional environment after their training/scholarship.”

Master’s students can be awarded with 850 euros per month, while doctoral students can get 1,200 euros, as well as health, accident and personal liability insurance, cover and travel allowance.

Also offered by DAAD, this one is specifically for Chinese students who are already undertaking a Master’s degree.

According to the website, “The aim of the scholarship is to enable Chinese students to become acquainted with the German university and research landscape and help them establish contact to potential supervisors for subsequent doctoral degrees.”

The scholarship will fund qualified students for a research visit as part of their Master’s thesis at a state or state-recognised German university or non-university research institute.

Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarship 

The Heinrich Böll Foundation offers annual scholarships for graduate-level programmes to support young talent who share the same political values.

According to the website, “We promote those studying and graduating who have a positive attitude towards the goals of the Green project, share the fundamental ideals of the Heinrich Böll Foundation – democracy, ecology, solidarity and non-violence – and who take an active socio-political role.”

To apply, you must prove your proficiency level in the German language. You are required to have good or very good knowledge of German – at least B2 Level or DSH2.

For more scholarships in Germany, check out the DAAD’s scholarship database which lists scholarships by country.

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