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Salisbury University: Evolving students into global citizens

Today’s employers seek adaptability, flexibility and a range of timeless soft skills in their new hires. In Salisbury, “Maryland’s Coastal College Town,” one public university excels at producing these candidates. Anyone can become an impressive applicant at Salisbury University (SU); those keen on achieving global success find everything they’re looking for and more within its Fulton School of Liberal Arts.

Just ask Danitza Verano Roman from Peru, an international studies major who, as a recent recipient of the Boren Fellowship through the National Security Education Programme (NSEP), will soon travel to India to study Hindi. As a little girl, she developed a love for Bollywood that sparked her interest in India’s music and people.

“I want to see how they celebrate,” Roman said. “When I go to a party in my hometown, there’s the Spanish music, our traditional celebrations for birthdays or anniversaries. You can see the culture there. If I can go to a celebration in India, I think I will really see the culture.”

Roman attributes these realisations and her courage to pursue the fellowship to SU’s tight-knit community. “If I was at a bigger school, it would have been really hard to find that connection,” she says. “I wouldn’t be here getting all these opportunities if it wasn’t for professors, friends and people who helped and guided me.”

Fulton graduates Samantha Bartell, an interdisciplinary studies major and Hira Shahbaz, an English major, also received ample guidance and will soon be fulfilling their English Teaching Assistantships in Moldova and Kazakhstan, respectively. They are both recipients of the 2023-24 US Fulbright Student Award.

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SU equips students for success through global perspectives, multiculturalism, and self-empowerment. Source: Salisbury University

“To be selected as a Fulbright Student is one of the most prestigious honours a student or recent graduate can achieve,” explains SU President Carolyn Ringer Lepre. “Both Samantha and Hira were very accomplished students at SU, and both know the benefits of studying abroad. To be able to advance the education of others while experiencing cultures in other countries is a wonderful opportunity.”

Such opportunities are not reserved for the lucky, evident through the fact that SU has been named among the top Fulbright Student producers in the US for six consecutive years. As of February 2023, it has had 34 Fulbright Students since its first in 2012. Over 100 SU students have won national and international fellowships, scholarships and awards in the past decade — plenty belong to Fulton School, which is unsurprising, considering it is the university’s largest academic unit.

These impressive numbers are a testament to the division’s commitment to nurturing students who are not just ready for the world of work but are equipped to take on the world in general. However, they go about doing so is entirely up to them. Fulton School’s twelve academic departments ensure all aspirations are catered to. They represent the disciplines of Art, Communication, Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution, English, Environmental Studies, History, Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies, Music, Theatre and Dance, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Fulton also offers Interdisciplinary Studies programs that combine disciplines into 17 additional majors or minors like Individually Designed, Africana Studies, Cognitive Science, and Law, Justice, and Advocacy.

Collectively, these departments offer 18 majors, over 40 minors, one post-baccalaureate certification, and three graduate programmes. As the world evolves, so does this already extensive line-up. For example, with professions globalising and Asian economies surging, understanding the continent is becoming increasingly crucial. In response, Fulton School introduced a new Asian studies minor that combines its former East Asian and South Asian studies minors.

The minor offers a variety of courses focused on the region as a whole. It also offers individual courses specific to the languages, politics and cultures of countries like China, Japan, and India. While language courses and study abroad excursions are not requirements, they are encouraged. Those keen on broadening their horizons beyond borders are welcome to spend a semester in Tokyo, Japan; Gwangju, South Korea; or India — for the same price as a semester in Salisbury.

Staying put is equally enlightening since all lessons at SU are conducted by world-class faculty members with years of experience. Pair their insights with state-of-the-art facilities, and students undoubtedly have a recipe for success. Here, purpose-built spaces support creative activity in music, television, graphic design, drawing, painting, photography and printmaking, glass, ceramics, and sculpture. Anyone with a dream is welcome to put knowledge into practice locally or internationally.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to understand why an SU education continuously tops the charts. “For the 25th year, The Princeton Review has recognised Salisbury as one of the preeminent universities in the nation,” said SU President Carolyn Ringer Lepre.

“It is not an honour we take lightly. Every semester, our dedicated faculty and staff work to ensure our students are receiving not only the highest quality education, but the very best college experience we can give them. Rankings like these provide external validation that we are meeting — and exceeding — those goals.”

To let the Fulton School of Liberal Arts be your launchpad to success, click here to learn more about applying to Salisbury University.

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