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Salisbury University: Endless possibilities to be explored

When it comes to providing opportunities for its students, Salisbury University is leading the way. Just ask history and French major, Chase Alexander. As one of several students to have won prestigious Boren Scholarships, Alexander travelled to Morocco to study Arabic.

Alexander has always been drawn to public policy, and SU gave him the chance to explore this interest while completing his degree. “I hope to gain a heightened sense of cultural competency, improved language skills and a new perspective on international affairs,” he shares.

“I’m really looking to expand my knowledge and develop new skills specifically in the field of economics and public policy. That’s not something I’ve really worked with in the past. I’m familiar with it, but I think a detailed programme will help hone that skill and develop it within me,” adds Alexander.

Nestled in “Maryland’s Coastal College Town,” this public university is where possibilities are seemingly endless. Established in 1925, the university started as a teaching college and has since grown into a robust institution offering programmes in many different fields, including art, English, history, modern languages, music, drama, dance, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and more.

Courses are designed to promote creative and critical thinking, resulting in a strong foundation of research and communication skills as well as managerial, digital, and cultural competencies. World-class teachers double as mentors and lead a superior learning community, instilling students with knowledge and skills while providing them with a space to explore different topics.

Source: Salisbury University

The scenic campus is the perfect place for students to expand their horizons. Source: Salisbury University

For example, the Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution (CADR) Department — ranked among the top two in the nation by — is a unique applied program that awards graduates with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Partnering with the Bosserman Centre for Conflict Resolution, the department aims to offer an interdisciplinary, practical and applied approach to education and training.

”We merge traditional classroom training with real-life experiential hands-on, mentor-supervised opportunities,” says Dr. Brian Polkinghorn, director of the Bosserman Centre.

“We value that we are able to work with Nobel Peace Prize activists and inspiring, global changemakers,”adds Dr. Brittany Foutz, a conflict resolution faculty member who has worked with the United Nations.

Within the Fulton School, a diverse student community is preparing for an increasingly globalised world. While the university has nearly 27% minority or underrepresented students, the school has commendably high percentages of minority students majoring in International Studies (49%), Interdisciplinary Studies (44%), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (44%) and art (43%).

This makes it the perfect home to host curricula like the Area studies minors: African, Africana, East Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and South Asian. One of their most recent additions to their list of programmes is the Africana Studies Programme. It is established with the goal of promoting understanding, appreciation and advancement of African people throughout the world.

Source: Salisbury University

Students discover their talents in the Music, Theatre and Dance Department. Source: Salisbury University

“Our students acquire the critical thinking necessary to make sense of our increasingly complex world,” says Dr. Eric Rittinger, who leads political science and international studies programmes. “They enjoy opportunities for professional development through internships, workshops for applying to graduate school, and alumni networking.”

Learning is limitless here. This means students are “free to roam” and can take classes across the university’s four other academic schools and colleges: Perdue School of Business, Seidel School of Education, Henson School of Science and Technology and College of Health and Human Services.

During weekends, students can explore the best the nation has to offer. Campus is not only close to metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, but located in a coastal region close to Atlantic beaches as well.

Students can go abroad too. English literature major Hira Shahbaz travelled to India to gain a greater understanding of the various cultural values and beliefs that culminate in the city of Lucknow.

“I think it’s extremely important to gain an understanding of different languages,” Shahbaz says. “I’m an ardent believer in cosmopolitanism and global community, and a comprehension of any language beyond one’s own is a laudable and enriching skill.”

Whether your interest lies in history, entrepreneurship, or the arts, SU’s wide range of programmes can help you kickstart your future. The university’s scenic campus makes it an ideal location for students to study and explore their interests and talents.

“I truly believe that SU has helped contribute to my success, and I’m not here by any means as a product of just myself,” Alexander said.

Looking for experiential education? Follow SU’s saying “apply now, apply today to make tomorrow yours.”

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