Which universities are the safest in the United States?
A police officer talks to students at University of Texas. Source: Shutterstock

South Carolina’s Clemson University topped the rankings for having the lowest campus crime rates in the country in Collegestats.org’s latest report on US schools’ security.

Clemson has a crime rate of .0020 crimes per 1,000 students, data compiled for the report showed. New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and Illinois’ Northeastern Illinois University are second and third on the list, respectively.

Two other schools in New York – CUNY York College and The New York Institute of Technology – also made it into the top 10.


While almost 29 percent reported having no primary safety concerns, an almost equal proportion (close to 28.5 percent) said they were worried about excessive drinking on campus, which can lead to blacking out, overdosing, motor vehicle accidents, and even death.

Other security concerns include walking alone, unlit pathways and thefts. While almost 10 percent felt theft was a big threat, the top crime universities and colleges reported was instead burglaries, which accounts for more than 70 percent of all crimes committed on campus.

Only slightly more than two percent of those surveyed listed sexual assaults were their No 1 safety concern.

When it comes to universities where student felt the safest, Cleveland Institute of Music ranks first in terms of positive perception by its students, followed by Edward Waters College and Gannon University.

While researchers posit this may be due to universities’ sufficient security measures, such as school-dedicated police teams to websites and social media pages that keep students informed, they caution this lack of concern over safety may be dangerous as well as students may be letting their guards down more than they should.

Collegestats.org studied safety reports for the 100 most attended institutions in the country for this report. Data on campus safety, such as number of crimes as well as students perceptions and feeling, were compiled from Colleges.Niche.com survey and reviews of more than 179,000 students.

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