Riverside Military Academy: The Best in Boys’ Education

“RMA delivers this remarkable educational experience with small classes, superb facilities, an exceptional faculty and professional staff, and a rich tradition – all set on 200 acres near beautiful Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia.” – Senior Executive Staff, Riverside Military Academy

Riverside Military Academy (RMA) has remained the principal all-boys college prep school for more than 110 years. Nestled on the rippling shores of a popular US lake, students here benefit from the world’s natural wonders, as well as access to bustling cosmopolitan hubs.

Its campus is set just one-hour north of Atlanta – with direct flights from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport allowing you to visit popular tourist attractions such as World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, while experiencing a host of other educational and culturally enriching opportunities. Your journey with this respected academy is one that leads to success.

This school’s distinctive military structure, academic and athletic provisions, and leadership development strategies enhance the overall education experience of young men grades 7 through 12. Studies have shown that the boarding school experience serves as a social and emotional bridge to developing a sense of independence in young people.

As such, boarding school students tend to be more engaged, hard-working, independent, confident, and prepared to face new challenges with certainty and ease.

RMA welcomes and celebrates diversity, leading and inspiring students from all walks of life. Here, the student body represents 30 different countries and 30 US states.

The school’s international students benefit from exposure to US customs and culture, all under the auspice of a revered US boarding school environment. RMA’s alumni embody a global network of Brothers-in-Blue; a collective of passionate, supremely qualified, and globally diverse graduates eagerly awaiting your arrival in the ranks.

“[RMA] produces highly educated, motivated, and physically fit young men of character, dedicated to the values necessary for good citizenship, and who, upon graduation, are prepared to succeed in college and beyond,” executive staff explains.

“Established in 1907, RMA has earned an international reputation for excellence through the application of high, rigorous standards that focus on intellectual, physical, and moral/ethical development.”

Enter RMA’s Summer LEAD Academy ESL Bridge Program; a unique blend of high-quality academics and adventure. This innovative strategy grants non-native English speakers the language skills needed to thrive in the modern world, getting students set for college placement and prosperity throughout later life.

As part of the summer program, learners attend an immersive cultural experience that includes a trip along the US East Coast to places such as New York, Boston, and Washington DC. The purpose of this trip is to provide an unparalleled introduction to US culture, and allow ambitious RMA cadets to get to grips with prestigious universities.

RMA’s graduating seniors have historically performed exceptionally well, with a 100 percent acceptance rate for all those who apply.

On top of this, the academy boasts a 90 percent matriculation to four-year institutions, 4 percent to two-year institutions, and 6 percent to world-renowned military schools. LEAD links the summer and fall semesters for the convenience of global language learners.

The academy offers ESL courses at every learning level, as well as ACT/SAT and TOEFL preparation courses. But prospective students will be pleased to know that TOEFL JR and SSAT are not required for admission, with students being tested and placed in the appropriate level at the time of enrolment.

As part of RMA’s rigorous college-prep curriculum, general level, honors, and AP classes are offered. Riverside boasts outstanding teaching staff with advanced degrees and who are experts in their fields. The small class sizes allow individualized attention that is sure to foster success while the college counsellor assists with completion and submission of university applications and essays.

The majority of Riverside’s Cadet Corps reside on-campus, so the Cadet experience transcends the classroom and reaches all areas of life. Riverside’s barracks complex is divided into company units, each housing 40-50 students.

All companies are supervised and mentored round-the-clock by Riverside TAC Officers, taking the role of teacher, adviser and counsellor. These men act as an extension of the family and are dedicated to shaping boys into young men of character, integrity, and moral fortitude.

On top of this, students make the most of downtime through countless sports and club opportunities. Organizationsathletic teams and events promise a wealth of out-of-class stimulation, including soccer, basketball, tennis, the aviation program, honor societies, and more.

That’s why applicants from all over the globe are eager to secure their space at Riverside Military Academy.

Students from diverse geographic, ethnic, and social backgrounds live, study, and play together. They create enduring bonds connecting them not only to their classmates, but also to Riverside alumni around the world.

Each interaction with their peers is a learning opportunity that builds lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories that inspire these cadets.

“RMA changes lives,” the executive staff concludes. “Each cadet’s strengths are identified, challenged, and enhanced further; his areas needing growth and improvement are recognized, assessed, and developed. He learns to perform as a good team member, and with experience, team leader,” he adds.

“He learns to focus on goal accomplishment, to follow through with commitments, to plan and organize, and to become strongly achievement-oriented.

“He enters RMA as a boy with boy’s ways. He graduates a young man, prepared to assume his responsibilities as an adult in society, with an understanding of how to lead with integrity.”

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