Reasons to study health sciences in New Zealand
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Reasons to study health sciences in New Zealand

There’s never been a better time to study the health sciences in New Zealand, with jobs such as nurse practitioner, aged care and veterinarian being just some of the health sector needs listed on the nation’s long and short term skills shortage lists. This makes it a good time to break into a chosen career or even change a health scope direction, for both local and international students.

The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) offers post graduate diplomas in health science in both Hawke’s Bay and Auckland, specially-designed to meet the needs of health practitioners, health sector managers and other professionals whose practice has a focus on health.

EIT actually offers more than 130 programs from certificate and diploma to degree and postgraduate level. There are campuses not only in Hawke’s Bay but also in Tairāwhiti (Gisborne) and Auckland. Health science is just one of an impressive range of subject areas at EIT that includes fashion, art and design, business, hospitality, forestry, veterinary nursing, viticulture and more.


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The health sciences postgraduate program has been developed to provide students with innovative, effective, efficient and high quality approaches to the management, leadership and policy making within the healthcare sector. The 120-credit, or one-year, full-time diploma, is an interdisciplinary programme characterised by advanced study in a specific discipline. This means applicants should have undergraduate knowledge and skills and may already be qualified health professionals or managers.

Read on to learn some of the many benefits of completing a health science postgraduate diploma at EIT.

Varied career options and employability prospects

A New Zealand qualification can be a valuable asset for international students and expand their career scope and employability both locally and internationally. The health science postgraduate diploma at EIT offers the kind of knowledge and skills that will help graduates make a career break or enhance their career.

EIT is considered one of New Zealand’s top tertiary institutes and its degrees and diplomas are well-regarded thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the practical experience offered in courses, and the respected academics and industry professionals who deliver them.

EIT is ranked in the top two institutes of technology in New Zealand, and is one of the nation’s top-rated institutes of technology for research in the Performance-Based Research Fund.


Health science student Eastern Institute of Technology


Blended online/face-to-face programme delivery

The postgraduate health science diploma is usually offered online with the occasional face-to-face workshop. Sumi Poudel from Nepal said that while she had never had online course experience before, the experience was beneficial.

“The main benefit of this is that I have been able to study at anytime, anywhere whilst in New Zealand!” she said.

“This has made things very flexible especially when it comes to working part-time. It has also enabled me to direct my own study and research so I did not rely on teachers and tutors all the time. However, in saying that if I wanted to meet with my tutor it was easy to make an appointment to meet with them and they were all very helpful.”

Two options of study location

The postgraduate diploma in health science is offered in both Napier (Hawke’s Bay) and Auckland. You may have heard of Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of New Zealand’s northern island, probably largely thanks to its excellent wines or as a location for some of the breath-taking Middle Earth landscapes in Lord of the Rings.

However it’s also an excellent place to study, particularly if you’re interested in health science and the campus in Napier is one of EIT’s best.

Auckland needs little introduction as the nation’s largest city and cultural capital with plenty to do and see. On this campus students enjoy excellent access to the North Island’s beaches, forests and offshore islands.

Both campuses have plenty of opportunities to engage in part-time work.



Individualised student support

Studying at EIT may be your first time away from home, or the first time you’ve studied at a tertiary level.  Firstly, rest assured that EIT has a student-lecturer ratio that is significantly lower than a university. This means not only do students enjoy quality teaching but also higher levels of personal attention from their teachers. There are also plenty more opportunities to join in discussion or other activities as they may wish.

EIT also recognises that students are very busy, not only with their studies, but with other aspects of their life. EIT therefore offers plenty of one-on-one help to make studying and the transition to the campus/student life as easy as possible with guidance in choosing the right subjects, how to get into your chosen career, or even with practical matters such as childcare or accommodation.

Institute and research strengths

As an institute of technology, EIT delivers the right technical and professional higher education and skills training to produce work-ready graduates. While it is not a university, EIT produces qualifications that are internationally recognised and are excellent for vocational training.

All EIT’s degree and postgraduate programmes are underpinned by lecturer research activity, directly linked to their teaching.

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