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Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School: Where students thrive in academics, athletics and arts

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School offers a world of opportunity. It’s one of the top private schools in the US, ranked among The 50 Best Boarding Schools, according to the Best Schools. With a global community of students from 56 countries and 15 US states, the community you’ll find at Rabun Gap is like no other. It’s a special place where people from all walks of life connect and make friends for life.

Just ask student Marco Pena of Monterrey, Mexico, who has been a part of the boarding programme since ninth grade. “We’re a big family at Rabun Gap,” says Pena. “As a boarding community, we support each other. Every dorm is one, and we just take care of each other.”

Pair a fantastic boarding community with dedicated and passionate faculty, and students have a well-rounded boarding experience they can treasure for life. “What’s special to me about Rabun Gap is the teachers. We really have this personal connection between teachers and students,” shares student Rosine Yin of Shanghai, China. “Their office door is never closed. They are just always there for you.”

Rabun Gap’s boarding programme serves Grade 7 to 12. It develops well-rounded students who thrive in academics, athletics and arts.

In the classroom — which averages of around 12 students — students think critically and creatively through the school’s applied learning curriculum. It’s a hands-on approach that prepares students for college and the workplace through teaching collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, character and cultural competency – developing critical thinkers who can take on life’s challenges. 

With close guidance from teachers who will challenge you, believe in you and inspire you, students engage their curiosity and expand their horizons. For Cheyney Moriarty of Hong Kong, the school has helped her discover her passion and excel in all aspects of boarding life. 

“Rabun Gap has helped me find the things that I’m interested in and passionate about and helped me realise that I’m allowed to be confident about what I want to do,” shares Moriarty.

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

The Eagles athletic programme is a core part of the Rabun Gap experience, developing social, emotional, and physical maturity in student-athletes. Source: Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

An athletics programme that prepares students to play in college

Picture an athletic complex surrounded by mountains for competition and play. It houses Rabun Gap’s athletics programme, a core part of every student’s experience. 

More than 30 competitive teams across various sports — from soccer and basketball to lacrosse and tennis to cross country and track and field — play here. With guidance from coaches who have collegiate and professional experience, students transform into athletes ready to compete at the next level and always succeed on and off the field. 

It’s a competitive school for competitive athletes. Rabun Gap has a longstanding tradition of success with multiple state playoffs and runner-up finishes in several sports. Its boys’ soccer and girls’ basketball teams have even won state championships. 

“The best part of being an Eagle is having the opportunity to play with outstanding players from different countries of the world and compete with them as a team.” said Victory Fredricks of Lagos, Nigeria, a member of our state championship basketball team.

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Creativity comes alive here. Source: Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

Where performers and artists pursue their passions

Look around the campus, and you’ll notice the school’s beautiful Arts and Technology building, which houses three floors of studios, a 600-seat Rearden Theatre, Art Gallery and a performance space dedicated to the visual and performing arts. This is where Rabun Gap’s cornerstone – its arts programme — takes place. 

The programme offers courses and after-school enrichment in visual art, instrumental and vocal music, digital media, technical theatre and drama. 

Yin is heavily involved in the arts programme, participating in the orchestra, choir and dance. “My favourite thing about being in the orchestra is that I know every day when I step through that door, I’ll be challenged and learn something new from all my talented musician friends,” enthuses Yin. 

Rabun Gap is one of the only schools in the US to offer the unique circus arts or Cirque programme, which is modelled after Cirque du Soliel, a Canadian entertainment company and the most significant contemporary circus producer globally. Here, students will utilise their talents through theatre performance, acrobatics, and dance to create an original and unique storytelling experience. As an ode to Cirque du Soliel, students also produce a regionally-acclaimed Cirque show with original acts every year. 

Ready for college and beyond

Together with the school’s dedicated College Counselling team, Rabun Gap prepares students to become college-ready graduates. Each student works with the College Counselling team to achieve the best college placement. 

One-hundred percent of Rabun Gap graduates earn acceptances at the top colleges and universities across the globe. Many alumni have landed opportunities in business, law, medicine, animation, film, and on Broadway while others have gone on to play sports at collegiate and professional levels.

“Rabun Gap’s disciplined curriculum in academics, athletics and arts makes me feel more confident, and I am sure I will succeed at the collegiate level,” said Elijah Melwani of Chile.

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