4 US military schools unleashing children’s full potential
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It’s common knowledge that going to school influences future career decisions, which is why choosing the right institution for your children is incredibly important. These days, there are various schools that offer prospective students a study experience like no other; from world-class facilities and a fantastic campus environment, to various extracurricular activities and events, schools offer students so much more than an academic certificate…

But as loving and devoted parents, it’s vital to know what you’re looking for and whether the school you’ve chosen is able to provide adequate support for your children. For instance, if you’re looking for a structured environment and leadership training to ensure your children grow up to be independent, brave and confident adults, your safest bet would be to pursue a military-style education.

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Known for its specific teaching style, military schools are considered excellent institutions that give your children a great head start when it comes to college and university. The decorum, respect and strict regimen that students are taught is known to boost career prospects and keep them highly-focused. In fact, many students who attend military school go on to reputable colleges and universities all around the world.

These institutions offer students an environment that requires discipline, so if your children thrive in environments like this, a military school will be a really great fit for them. According to Military USA, many families find this type of school helps students discover their potential and push them towards success.

In addition to this, these academies greatly develop each student’s life skills, enabling them to work as part of a team or individually, while also building self-control and flexibility, which will come in useful throughout higher education as well as far beyond.  On top of that, military schools strongly emphasize corer values like respect across all human relationships whether it’s with a senior, a peer or for each other.

So, for parents who seek an education that can unleash their child’s full potential, here are 4 US military schools to check out…


Image courtesy of Hargrave Military Academy

As the only military school in Virginia to be named a National School of Character in 2016, Hargrave Military Academy is both a nationally and internationally-recognized college preparatory boarding school for boys grades seven to postgraduate.

Competition for college acceptance has never been tougher, with students and their parents constantly seeking ways to give themselves an edge in the process. Hargrave’s rigorous curriculum, low student-to-teacher ratio and Colin Powell Leadership and Ethics program prepares students for success in the college classroom and beyond.

The Colin Powell program requires students to participate in all aspects of academy life including academic, military, athletics and extracurricular activities. This process gives students a living laboratory for applying leadership skills outside the classroom, and is currently among the very best offered at secondary level.

The learning process is further enhanced with the incorporation of technology via the Technology Lab, allowing each student to develop their computer skills as well as also offering the chance to work independently. The curriculum includes foundation courses that allow students to apply to small liberal arts colleges and state institutions, to highly-selective colleges and US Service Academies.

The Academy whole-heartedly believes that academic excellence means so much more than simply having good grades; it means preparing Cadets to be well-rounded, productive members of society.


Located in north-central Indiana, Culver Academies is an institution that provides students with cutting-edge academic programs and unparalleled opportunities outside of the classroom environment. The institution is the only college preparatory boarding school and summer camp that offers intentional and differentiated leadership programs. At Culver, students become part of a community that leads, serves and supports its members for a lifetime. The School offers a variety of courses in the following academic departments: Fine Arts, Humanities, Leadership Education, Mathematics, Modern and Classical Languages, Science and Wellness Education.

And to ensure each student keeps up with their lessons, the School provides academic support at every stage of education. Culver Academies’ individual, from the academic and college advising service, to learning support and the Center for Character Excellence. The institution also places high importance on leadership and entrepreneurship skills, providing students with opportunities to learn and practice their expertise through their academic curriculum. In addition to skills training, the School encourages students to participate in athletics and arts, offering more than 60 clubs and activities students are free to pursue.


Image courtesy of Missouri Military Academy

Preparing young men for college and beyond, the preparatory school aims to empower students to unlock their potential through a structured 360˚ Education program focusing on academic excellence, character development, personal motivation, physical development and leadership training. The main aim of the program is to develop the mind, body and spirit and support each student’s need for independence and structure, individual achievement and team-oriented success. The boarding and day school welcomes students in Middle School (Grade Seven and Eight) and High School (Grade Nine to 12). Besides that, the School boasts a summer program for boys from the age of eight and a for-credit summer program for students in grades seven through to 12.

Once you graduate from Missouri Military Academy, you are eligible to apply for the Gap Year program that offers students who want to refine their study skills and prepare for a successful college career. This program follows the School’s structured military features, while providing opportunities to earn college credit by attending courses at the Westminster College, a private liberal arts institution. The academic curriculum can be tailored to each student’s needs, whether it is retaking a course or completing required remedial college course credit.


At Randolph-Macon Academy, students are equipped with more than just a solid education to do well in college and beyond. Here, the School believes that instilling students with leadership skills and good character sets them up for success. Welcoming students from grade six onwards, parents can send their children to the private day and boarding school that provides a structured yet nurturing program for students in middle school. With small and tight-knit classes, students receive personal attention and the chance to discover their potential and develop a love for learning.

Image courtesy of Randolph-Macon Academy

Additionally, the Academy offers education for students from grade nine to 12, combining the best parts of a college-prep boarding school and a military school into one. All courses are college-preparatory with numerous Advanced Placement options, plus college and honors courses that are open to all students. Aside from offering a well-balanced education, the academy offers flying lessons for students who would like to explore the world of aviation. You’ll have the chance to earn your ‘own wings’ through flight lessons taught by on-staff flight instructors. Through this experience, students learn to gain self-confidence and broaden their career options, while also preparing them for challenges that lie far beyond the academy.

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