Boarding school provides children with a unique educational experience. It will be the only time during a child’s life when they can truly live and study in a close-knit community that is both supportive and fun. Gone are the days of drafty corridors, strict matrons and dreary common rooms – boarding schools today offer children a warm welcome, enabling them to become independent, confident individuals while undertaking a world-class education. In fact, children benefit from a fully-packed day, balancing academics, arts and crafts, and even sports before homework and bedtime.

A high quality & innovative education

More parents from all over the world are looking to boarding schools in order to offer their child a first-rate education. The U.S. is a firm favorite for its pleasant climate and traditional values, and also where innovation and new educational perspectives are key. With on-campus zoos, student-led governance and more smart-technology classrooms on offer, choosing a boarding school in the U.S. could quite literally revolutionise your child’s school experience, according to Noodle. While community, outstanding pastoral care and teaching are still key, choosing a school with a more modern approach, including STEM-focused teaching, will help children advance faster and retain an edge over their contemporaries in education and beyond.



Study in a unique & exciting environment

The U.S. East Coast is an excellent study destination. With Miami’s beaches, the historic seat of Boston, vibrant New York and leafy Washington D.C. all connected with excellent transport links, the East Coast is also home to some of the best colleges and universities in the U.S.

Most U.S. airports also offer convenient inter-country links, while New York and Washington are transport hubs receiving international flights from Europe and Asia. With Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie on the U.S.-Canada border, as well as the Appalachian mountain range running through the region, students will benefit from an education which values nature and the great outdoors as part of the curriculum. In the U.S., equal emphasis is placed on spending time both inside and outside the classroom.



Developing students as independent, well-rounded, successful individuals

U.S. boarding schools offer a fun and modern approach to learning, engaging with students in a thoroughly supportive and warm environment. Alternative teaching methods, technology and respect are key in the U.S., meaning that children quickly learn to engage and interact with their fellow students from all walks of life and backgrounds. The friendships that children form at boarding school will last a lifetime, as different nationalities are welcomed to enjoy such a unique and fast-paced learning experience.

Choosing the right institution for your child can be challenging. Yet parents need not worry: with outstanding options available on the U.S. East coast, children can benefit from a high-caliber education in a beautiful scenic setting. Read on to find out more about the outstanding teaching and care on offer at some of the U.S.’s finest boarding schools:

Since its establishment in 1852, Oak Ridge Military Academy has empowered students to be respectful and self-confident as they prepare for college and adulthood.  The Academy’s program primarily focuses on developing leadership skills through self-disciple and structure, providing students an individualized education that emphasizes project-based learning. Oak Ridge Military Academy’s student body represents a rich mix of cultures, drawing students from all around the world who desire a life of success as the leaders of tomorrow.



Dublin School offers students a rigorous course of study in a traditional college preparatory curriculum with the ability and flexibility to dive deeper into a newly discovered passion. Dublin’s culture creates a perfect foundation for promoting lifelong personal, educational, and social values. A strong academic program is balanced with an extensive and varied list of after-school sports, including both endurance sports and team sports tailored for every type of athlete. Their location in New Hampshire, USA affords students the opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural world on their 400 acre campus with lakes, trails, and mountains nearby. 

At Knox School, pupils are welcomed into a dynamic and diverse community where critical and creative thinking is encouraged. Pupils are challenged and experience outstanding teaching and resources while living in a nurturing and supportive environment. The School’s varied program, combining both arts and athletics, means that pupils can celebrate their individual strengths and talents. The co-ed school is proud of the program it offers to its boarders and day pupils, creating confident, outgoing individuals thanks to Knox’s excellent facilities. Knox pupils are taught how to be honest and sincere, picking up necessary life skills for learning and their future career paths.



Since its founding in 1922, Indian Mountain School (IMS) has encouraged its students to live a “life through service”. IMS teaches students the skills necessary to live and work with others. At IMS, students find their voice, develop leadership skills and learn to celebrate diversity. Pupils benefit from experiencing the School’s beautiful natural environment. Outdoor experiences form an integral part of student life. IMS’ Adventure Education program teaches students how to appreciate nature and be good stewards within the School’s environment. IMS offers a warm community environment in beautiful surroundings.

High Mowing School is situated just over an hour from Boston on 250 acres of farm and forest land. The picturesque campus acts as an interactive classroom, where students explore everything from ethics to ecology, and studio and performing art to circus and culinary arts. At High Mowing, students learn to be tolerant and accepting of others. The arts-infused and arts-rich curriculum, immersed in and surrounded by nature, ensures that students learn new skills and develop their passions within a safe and supportive school environment. At High Mowing, adolescents can be themselves.



At White Mountain, three aspects are fundamental to students’ success: dedicated teachers, a strong community, and the School’s belief in the importance of individual passions. The School is located among the most impressive mountains in the U.S. Northeast, surrounded by true New England towns and villages. White Moutain is a seat of deep academic study, for enjoying the mountains, lakes and rivers and for pupils to develop a connection with the greater world. At White Mountain, nature forms an integral part of daily life, meaning that pupils graduate with a better awareness of what life is like outside of the classroom.

Putnam Science Academy offers students an outstanding education, placing emphasis on the achievement of sporting excellence and academic prowess. The Academy’s close-knit community ensures that students are supported and encouraged in every step of their education, both on and off the pitch. The Academy’s good curriculum, combined with the values of hard work and pride, ensure that students graduate as well-rounded individuals. Attention to detail is key, meaning that students enjoy their studies and feel rewarded. Putnam Science Academy aims to mirror the values and positive attitudes of the Town of Putnam and its scenic environs.

Images courtesy of Dublin School, Oak Ridge Military Academy, Indian Mountain School and White Mountain School.