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No matter how much you may love your home, you have come to the realisation there is a whole world out there – and you want to see it. And what better way to explore a new culture and broaden your horizons than by studying abroad?

It’s settled: you were born to travel overseas to better your education. But with an infinite number of options, where should you look?

From the prestige of the US and UK, to the hidden gems of Africa and New Zealand, beautiful landscapes in Canada and Australia, to affordable lifestyle in Europe and Asia, there is bound to be somewhere which will fulfil you, no matter what you’re looking for.

Do you mind the cold?

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How important is the destination's higher education reputation?

Do you prefer urban jungles or real wildlife?

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How many other international students do you want around you?


Do you want a big focus on sports at university?

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Do you want to be able to stay there after graduation for a while?

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Is affordability a big factor?

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Quiz: Where in the world should you study abroad?

So you're looking for something a bit different from your standard study abroad destinations? You should study in Asia. With an increasing number of students heading to the continent to further their education, you certainly won't be the only one but avoid blending in with the crowd like you might have done over in the UK or US. You want both a high-quality education and an exciting yet affordable lifestyle so really there's only one place for it - Asia! Each country prides itself on its unique identity so get researching where in Asia might suit you best! From the crazy chaotic streets of Thailand's Bangkok to the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, you'll no doubt relish in exploring your options in this part of the world. Not sure you could hack the heat year round? Have a look at South Koreo's capital Seoul for wintry spells or Japan's capital Tokyo.
Australia or New Zealand

You should head to Australia or New Zealand for your studies. Australia is one of the world’s most popular destinations in the world for international students so you won't be short of culturally diverse friendships. It is easy to see why Oz is so popular: with miles and miles of Instagrammable beaches, a wildlife scene like nowhere else and a welcoming community, not to mention numerous exceptional universities. Not sure on Australia? Consider New Zealand instead. With stunning landscapes and chilled-out locals, and internationally recognised yet affordable higher education system, New Zealand is all too often overlooked - ironically often in favour of Australia. With all four seasons in all their beauty, an easy visa application process, a friendly laid back culture and plenty of room for adventure, New Zealand could be your perfect fit.

You should head to the United States of America for your studies. The most popular study abroad destination in the world, you would certainly not be short of like-minded peers both local to the US, back from your home country and well... all over the world! With a huge number of world-class universities to choose from, the US really does have it all. No matter what you want from your study abroad experience, the US is likely to have the right fit. Love sports? Countless universities focus on this. Want bright lights and a buzzing nightlife? Head to New York, Chigaco or Los Angles. Want beaches and sun? Miami, Hawaii or San Diago. The US is huge and wildly diverse so whatever you want, you're bound to find it there.
UK or wider Europe

The UK and Europe are the destinations most suited to your needs. The UK is the second most popular study abroad destination in the world with thousands of international students flocking to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales year upon year. And it's easy to see why. The UK is renowned globally for its outstanding quality of higher education institutions not to mention the varied, thriving cities and towns all over the country. Picture yourself in the bustling capital of London? Or trendy Brighton on the seafront? Or up North in edgy Manchester? Or perhaps you'd rather head to Ireland, Scottland or Wales and live it up in Belfast, Edinburgh or Cardiff? There are a range of different places in the UK to suit different styles. Not sure the UK is for you? You could also find your new home away from home elsewhere in Europe. With more and more courses being taught in English all over the continent and fees at a much more affordable rate than the likes of the UK. Think cobbled streets, little cafes in hidden nooks and stunning architecture. Europe has something for everyone; large cities drenched in history, rural countryside and idyll dwellings, sandy beaches for soaking up sun and mountains blanketed in snow. Pack your suitcase wisely - expect all four seasons in all their glory, city living with countryside on your doorstep.

You should jet off to Canada, the second largest country in the world, for your studies. Canada offers a range of opportunities and experiences as one of the world leaders in higher education. And that's not all it offers in terms of diversity; from snowy ski slopes in British Columbia, to bright lights and business in the cities of Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. There are stunning prairies in Manitoba with endless acres of beautiful open space and impressive mountain ranges and laid-back, friendly locals. Just remember to wrap up warm and bring your happiest most open attitude with you!

Africa could be your ideal study abroad destination. You like it hot! No messing around with 14 layers just to step outside your apartment block for you. And not just that, you want something pretty different, somewhere international students are only just beginning to discover the beauty in. Head to the heart of the African continent – home to over 620 accredited universities - for your studies. With 54 countries to choose from in Africa, whose universities are pushing equality, innovation and creativity into the heart and soul of the African education system, you will not be short for choice.

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