Quiz: Which type of creative learner are you?
Are you a creative learner? Source: Alice Achterhof/Unsplash

Creative learning is another form of educational freedom.

Through creative learning, we begin to see the world through an abstract rather than rigid lens. There are no constraints to your artistic abilities and you can take on information in your own style.

Creative learning is education without constraint. Source: Giphy

So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz below to discover your true creative learning style.

Do you always want your work to be perfect?

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Are you afraid of taking risks in you work to ensure you reach the right audience?

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Do you agree that your work has to be better than everyone else’s or why bother?

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Are you looking for a course structure that will work with your lifestyle?

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What type of creative learner are you?
Chaotic Creative Learner

You're a learner who doesn't work well with imposed structures. You love to create and innovate as much as you can! That's why you need a university that gives you space and allows your ideas to flourish.
Linear Creative Learner

Linear Creative learners often get lost in the details, so providing big-picture oversight is often helpful. You need a university that values efficient learning.
Fusion Creative Learner

Fusion Creative learners identify as multi-passionate because they are adept at a variety of things and find it hard to pick just one study area to pursue. You must find a university that offers a diverse array of disciplines.

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