Quiz: Which type of Communications major is best for you?
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Are you thinking about a Communications career? If so, it’s best to narrow your focus when pursuing a degree, since Communications is a pretty broad field. There are so many areas you can get involved in and some may overlap.

Finding out which type of Communications course is most ideal for you before you head into the working world is a good idea, allowing you to tailor your studies and take the classes you need.

Take our quiz to find out which area of Communications would suit you best.

Are you comfortable speaking or reading the news in front of a camera or live on air?

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Are you a creative person who has a flair for writing and can deal with working under pressure?

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Do you love writing, can handle a crisis well, and also love communicating and speaking to people and clients?

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Do you get a kick out of finding a good news story, researching it, and writing about it?

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Are you a good writer, avid reader, and like to keep up with current affairs?

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Which type of Communication major is best for you?
Public Relations

You are most suited for a career in Public Relations. You enjoy writing but you also enjoy dealing with clients and getting their message across through a variety of media channels. You're also great under pressure and can keep your cool when dealing with a crisis management situation.
Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism is what you're meant to do! You're comfortable in front of the camera, you speak well and you enjoy researching, investigating and presenting news or current affairs. Now all you need to do is find out if you're better suited for radio or television...
Advertising & Copywriting

Catchy phrases and slogans are your forte, which makes you ideal for a career in advertising and copywriting! You're also creative, and can take the heat when dealing with clients and rewrites.

You love to read and write, and you also have excellent research skills. You also enjoy interviewing subjects and getting to the bottom of things. You also communicative effectively and are a versatile writer, which makes you perfect for journalism!

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