Quiz: Which degree should you choose based on your future plans?

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Thinking about your future when choosing a degree is important. Image: University of Tokyo. Source: MMpai/Shutterstock

You’re pretty dead-set on studying abroad but not yet sure what degree you want to pursue. It’s a big decision and one you want to make sure you get right – especially if you’re shelling out a hefty sum and travelling many miles to do so. Here’s a little inspiration to kick-start your search for the perfect course.

Perhaps you want to travel lots but still make a decent salary, or maybe you’re more interested in having flexible working hours or a career working with people.

Whatever you hope to do in the future, it’s important you choose a degree that matches these desires.

So let’s see what your perfect course could be…

How important is your future salary?

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Which of the following do you find most interesting?

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Do you want to go straight into work after university?

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How important are your working hours?

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What motivates you?

What sort of people do you like to be around?

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Quiz: Which degree course should you choose based on your future plans?

A degree in Business or another related field is bound to suit you best. You're serious about building a career, ready to make the big bucks and excited to work your way to the top. You won't mind the occasional long night in the office to get results! You want to spend time around people who inspire you and drive you to do better.

...Or journalism, or creative writing - basically, something with words! You might want to go into editing or publishing, perhaps you see yourself as a budding journalist or maybe you even harbour dreams of becoming a novelist. You should explore your creative side while sharpening the analyst in you. You want a stimulating work environement with a close-knit team - or maybe you even fancy working on your own. For you, it's all about passion for what you do.

...Or something in healthcare. You don't mind long hours or hugely challenging and high-pressured work so long as you can go home at the end of the day knowing you've helped someone. With life and death potentially in your hands, it's a physically and emotionally draining degree and career to undertake. You will dedicate yourself to years of training but it will all be worth it when you make a real difference in the world - nothing beats that feeling.

You have a sharp mind, are a critical thinker and can talk your way out of anything. You like a challenge and are looking for a varied working life - you really don't mind putting in the extra hours if it gets the results you want! You're constantly hunting down new information and trying to make sense of it.
Fine Art

...Or illustration, or graphic design, or photography. Basically, you have creativity running through your veins and you're looking for an outlet - what better way to achieve this than to do it as your job?! You may harbour a desire to be a world-famous fashion photographer or perhaps you want to go into advertising and design huge billboard adverts. You hate the idea of having a strict, repetitive working environment and would much prefer to be in control of your own timings and exciting projects.

... Or anything in education or childcare. You want to help people in a direct manner, most likely working with children. There are few jobs as rewarding as growing to know and care for your students and watching them flourish and go on to do great things as a result - no matter how direct or indirect - of your actions. You want a pretty structured work life but don't mind putting in the extra overtime after class to make sure your students are getting the most out of your lessons. You are caring, motivated and ready to inspire!

You know who makes a change in the world? Engineers. From designing and building bridges to working on the latest AI project, there really is no limit to what you could find yourself doing as an engineer. Whether your interests lie in civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, chemical or even geotechnical engineering, it seems like this could be the place you come into your own. With ample opportunity to bring home a very healthy-looking paycheque, you're satisfied by challenging yet rewarding work.

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Remember, you shouldn’t base your entire study abroad decision on the basis of this quiz – just take it as a little bit of inspiration or confirmation that you’re on the right track!

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