Quiz: Which Creative Arts major is right for you?
Which creative arts field is right for you? Source: Shutterstock

Are you naturally inclined towards the arts and have an eye for all things visual? Maybe you enjoy drawing and painting but you don’t necessarily want to be an artist?

There are many of us who are visually-oriented and would do well in a career that allows us to have a creative outlet.

But deciding which area you want to focus on can be confusing, whether it’s interior design, graphic design, illustration or animation.

Film and video production also require people who have an eye for the arts, even if you don’t physically draw or paint.

Take this quiz to find out which area of the Creative Arts you are most interested in and could pursue as a career.

How do you feel about drawing or painting using your hands, or physical tools like a paintbrush or pencil?

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From the following, please choose which arts subject you would find most interesting.

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What kind of visual art forms do you see yourself creating once you graduate?

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Are you interested in working in film production, such as filmmaking, videography or editing?

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What about using software to create banners, billboards, advertisements, magazines and such?

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Do you enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing interiors, such as homes and offices?

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Quiz: Which Creative Arts major is right for you?
Digital Media Design

You seem suited for a major in Digital Media Design. Also known as Multimedia Design or Interactive Media Design, courses in this major usually include web design, digital imaging, media production and animation. Digital media designers create their products in digital or electronic formats, such as an e-magazine, or work in film and video production, which sets them apart for graphic designers who create images and visuals for both digital and print formats.
Visual Arts

Your ideal Creative Arts major is Visual Arts, which provides knowledge and practical experience in art forms such as painting, filmmaker photography, modeling and simulation, sculpture, digital imaging, and more. It's a broad course that also generally includes some courses on the history of art and the fundamentals of drawing. For career options, a degree in Visual Arts qualifies you for a variety of jobs such as filmmaker, cartoonist, artist, interior designer, art teacher and more!
Graphic Design

It appears you are meant to study Graphic Design. You love the traditional art techniques, but you're also keen to learn about newer forms of graphic design using digital tools. Besides working as a graphic designer, you could also be an Art Director, Creative Director, Film Editor, Multimedia Artist, or could even work in Marketing.
Interior Design

It's clear that you love Interior Design, so why not make it your career? Interior designers are creative and visual people at heart, so you could work as a Graphic Designer too if you decide not to go full steam ahead with interior or architectural design. You can also work as an Interior Stylist, Visual Merchandiser, Production Designer or Textile Designer. Classes you can expect to take include drawing, computer-aided design (CAD), and architectural drawing, among others.

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