Quiz: What's your ideal student housing situation?
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Are you planning on studying abroad but still aren’t sure which housing option to pick? We know this can be a really tough decision.

On one hand, living in dorms is a great experience for international students who are living away from home for the first time. Here, you’ll get to know other students easily and get involved in campus life through numerous activities that take place in the dorms.

But some students are more independent and prefer living on their own or with a few other roommates. Graduate students, particularly, don’t really enjoy dorm life and would rather have their own apartment.

If you’re stuck between all the different options, take this quiz to find your ideal student accommodation arrangement.

For you, how important is peace and quiet in the home when you return after class?

Do you plan on buying or bringing your own furniture and home decor when you live abroad for your studies?

Would you mind having to travel some distance for class, either by walking, cycling or by using public transport?

How much cooking and cleaning do you plan to do while you're at university?

Do you prefer paying rent and utilities separately or as one lump sum?

How much of your living facilities (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) are you willing to share with others?

Quiz: What is your ideal student housing situation?
Off-Campus Housing

Based on your answers, it appears that you would do better living off-campus. You are prepared to live away from campus, and it's better suited to your independent personality. You value your own space and privacy, and would find living among the masses in a student dorm pretty distracting. You should know that it can sometimes be difficult find off-campus housing near campus, so be prepared to commute.
Student Dorm

You can't wait to get involved in student life, and living in the student dorms is a great way to do that. You get to meet students from all around the world, and you don't need to worry about individual bills with your busy life. Now all you need to do is decide if you want to stay in a two- or a four-bedder!
On-Campus Apartment

You don't exactly want to stay in the dorms, but you enjoy the convenience of staying right on-campus. If your university offers this type of student housing, an on-campus student apartment is ideal for you. Most include utilities in the overall rent, so you have less to worry about while still enjoying a quieter home set-up than in student dorms.

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