Quiz: How well do you know the H-1B visa program?

Quiz: How well do you know the H-1B visa program?
The H-1B visa is a popular but controversial program in the US. Source: Paul Matheson/Unsplash

This year, we saw the popular H-1B visa program go through several twists and turns. With the “Buy  American, Hire American” executive order signed, the US government has increased restrictions on how the visa program is managed in a bid to protect American workers from the influx of foreigners who are supposedly taking their jobs away.

Still, it remains highly popular among international students and foreign workers hoping to land a job in some of the occupations the US needs to fill. Over the last five years, each year saw the H-1B visa cap reached within a week of the application period opening.

With so much demand and information online about this popular visa program, the myths and misconceptions that surround it have boomed as well. Can you separate the truth from the lies?

Take our quiz to find out!

1. To qualify for a H-1B visa, you must hold a degree awarded by a US college or university.

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2. Who applies for the H-1B visa?

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3. Are all H-1B recipients in the technology sector?

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4. How are H-1B petitions selected?

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5. Does selection for a H-1B visa automatically qualify a foreign worker for permanent residency in the US?

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6. Which country do the second-highest number of H-1B visa recipients originate from?

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7. How long is the initial H-1B visa valid for?

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8. What is the maximum number of H-1B petitions selected in a year?

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QUIZ: How well do you know the H-1B visa program?
Not great
Unfortunately, your knowledge about this controversial visa program is very limited. If you're planning to work in the US based on the H-1B visa, we suggest you brush up on your knowledge!
The H-1B visa is one complicated and controversial program. Still, kudos for getting this many right! Keep up with our updates on Study International News to get your knowledge up to speed.
You're practically an expert! No small feat considering the many changes that have been made on this controversial visa program under the Trump administration. Keep up the good work!

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