Quiz: Which university leadership role should you apply for?
Applying for a leadership role at university shows future employers you are proactive and dedicated. Which is right for you? Source: Shutterstock

Studying abroad is a great time for self-discovery, developing your personal skills, and preparing for life after graduation.

Applying for a leadership role during your study stint can encourage all of these things as you grow as an individual, become more confident in leadership positions and show employers you have applicable experience.

There are many different leadership roles open to students, from academic roles such as ‘course representative’ or hobby-based positions, such as ‘sports captain.’

Or maybe you’d like to represent the student body as a union representative or take on the role of ‘society president’. Different roles will suit different students, so it’s important to work out what matters to you before applying.

Taking on any one of these roles during your studies will show employers you are passionate, proactive and dedicated. It’s an extra-curricular challenge that will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to make the most of university life and gain a new experience, take our quiz to find out which leadership role will suit you best.

Are you involved in university sports?

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Are you passionate about your degree programme?

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Have you been in a leadership role before?

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Does your dream career require leadership experience?

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Do you want to work with other students? Or be their voice to higher university power?

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Quiz: what leadership role should you run for?
Sports team captain

You love your sport and now you're ready to lead your team to victory. You're ready to dedicate a lot of your time to motivating and training the squad and being the best you can be. Most of your friends are on the team and everyone on campus knows your name. Being sports captain will show future employers you're a team player with strong leadership skills - and you know how to motivate your group.
Course representative

You're committed to your studies and you want to ensure every student on your course gets the best experience. Public speaking and talking to your superiors are your strenghts, and you're ready to give your courses student body a voice. You will be responsible for relaying students' concerns and suggestions to the head of departments, so you need a tact for finding out what matters to people. This role will show future employers you care about peers experience and will implement changes where you see necessary.
Students' Union representative

You care about the studentbodys' experience at your university and won't stop until their voices are heard. Whether it's tuition fees, study spaces or racism on campus, you are passionate about making a difference for students. You will be responsible for inviting guest speakers, organising protests and ensuring student voices are heard. Public speaking is no match for you, and your ready to be social media savvy. This role will likely impress future employers as you are showing good organisation skills and passion for helping others.
Society president

You are super passionate about your hobby and want other students to join in. You will be responsible for organising society events, holding committee meetings, publicising the society to other students and dealing with any internal or external issues. This a great role to talk about in job interviews as it shows your a well-rounded individual

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