Quiz: What should you do after graduation?
Unsure what to do after graduation? Take our quiz to find out what's best for you! Source: shutterstock.com

So graduation is looming, and more and more you find yourself asking the question: what next?

With a whole world of opportunities at your fingertips, deciding what you want to do after you graduate can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Do you want to find full-time employment, or would you rather do an internship first? What about studying for a Master’s, or even traveling the world?

There are pros and cons to every option, and really it all comes down to what matters to you.

If you’re finding it hard, fret not! Take our quiz to find out what’s the best option for you:

Do you have a career in mind for when you graduate?

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Does it matter how much you earn?

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Do you enjoy learning new things?

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Do you want to live in a specific city after you graduate?

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What should you do after graduation?
Gap Year

You've worked your butt off and scored yourself your dream degree - congrats! But now the 'real world' of full-time work is tapping you on the shoulder, you're not quite ready to commit. After all, there's a whole world to explore first! Don't be afraid to postpone getting a job or finding an internship if you have wanderlust you need to settle first - the serious stuff can wait! So go scratch that travel itch and go on that post-uni gap year you've always dreamed of!
Postgraduate study

You enjoyed your studies a lot and you're not quite ready for it to end. Whether you can't wait to explore your subject in more depth or you just don't want your uni experience to end, postgraduate study is the best option for you. Of course it's worth considering how you will fund your academic adventures, but with many part-time courses and scholarships available there is a way to make it work if you're passionate enough.

You aced your degree and you're now ready to start learning in a professional setting. An internship is a great stepping stone to working life as it focuses on your growth in your chosen field and acknowledges that you are still in training. They can be intense so get ready for a steep learning curve, but revel in the knowledge that you will be gaining invaluable experience essential to starting your career. Internships are usually less well paid than full-time jobs but if receiving training and understanding an industry is more important to you than getting rich quick, it's wise to start here and work your way up.
Full-time job

You're ready to leave student life behind and become a fully-fledged adult. Forget training programs and internships, you're ready to go straight to the top of the career ladder. This can seem like a risky move, but if you've been mentally preparing for you dream job for a while, anything else can seem like a waste of time. Prepare to wave goodbye to the free time you had as a student, but wave hello to much-needed paychecks. So roll them sleeves up, set that early alarm and crack on with what you were born to do.

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