Quiz: What should you do after graduation?
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Quiz: What should you do after graduation?

Quiz: What should you do after graduation?

So graduation is looming, and more and more you find yourself asking the question: what next?

With a whole world of opportunities at your fingertips, deciding what you want to do after you graduate can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Do you want to find full-time employment, or would you rather do an internship first? What about studying for a Master’s, or even traveling the world?

There are pros and cons to every option, and really it all comes down to what matters to you.

If you’re finding it hard, fret not! Take our quiz to find out what’s the best option for you:

Do you have a career in mind for when you graduate?

shutterstock_444547465-1  Source: shutterstock.com

Does it matter how much you earn?

shutterstock_444547465-1  shutterstock_794159299-1  Source: shutterstock.com

Do you enjoy learning new things?

shutterstock_444547465-1  shutterstock_794159299-1  shutterstock_714237916-1  Source: shutterstock.com

Do you want to live in a specific city after you graduate?

shutterstock_444547465-1  shutterstock_794159299-1  shutterstock_714237916-1  11225373_1652933638276928_4782134446032197748_o-2  Source: shutterstock.com

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