Sitting in the library reading notes doesn't work for everyone... take our quiz to find out the best revision technique for you. Source: Shutterstock

Exam season is here, which means it is time to revise. You’re probably crammed up in the library learning your course material, panicking that nothing seems to be staying in your brain.

If you can’t seem to absorb your notes – don’t panic! Not all students learn best by reading their notes… there are actually four different types of learning techniques that might help you.

Some students learn best by listening to notes, speaking with others or even moving around while they study. So if sitting in the library and reading over your notes isn’t working, take our quiz to find out if there is another learning technique which works best for you!

1. Do you need quiet while you revise?

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2. Which one of the below stays in your memory longest?

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3. Do you like working with other people when studying?

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4. Do you make notes when revising?

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Quiz: what type of learner are you?

Eyes are the window to your exam success. You learn best from what you see - think written notes, online videos, brainstorm maps and flip cards. Picturing graphs and visual relations between facts are your quickest memory recall, while sounds and movements just distract you. If you're preparing for exam success, get yourself to the library, get that book, and prepare for some serious reading.

You are a natural chatterbox and your study technique is no different. You learn best from talking to others about the work and discussing in groups the course material. Teachers have told you the best way to learn is reading and writing from memory, but this has never worked for you. Now you're at university and away from home, it's time to embrace your own unique learning style and get those vocal cords warmed up

What's that noise, you ask? Oh, just the sound of sweet success! Voice notes, podcasts and music lyrics are the best way you retain knowledge. It might be difficult for you to revise in the library since your brain is wired such that sounds and audio information is your learning style. Forget the pens and books when you're revising and instead find some informative audiobooks and podcasts you can learn from to really capitalise on your natural strengths

Get up off that seat and get your legs moving if you want to ace your exams. Traditional revision techniques really don't suit your style - you need to be moving around to remember your notes. Whether it's physically walking as you retain the information or imagining yourself taking a familiar route as you remember the content, you definitely having a unique learning style that not everyone can match

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