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The good news is that Christmas is just weeks away. The bad news is that means you probably have assignments due, revision to do, and exams to sit.

Whether or not you celebrate the festive holiday, Christmas often signals a well-needed break for students. Alas, chances are you have a few hurdles to overcome before the twinkly lights at the end of the tunnel arrive. Here is all the advice you need to get yourself there in one piece.

1. Take breaks…

Do not underestimate the power of a break. Give yourself a day off here and there. See friends, watch a film, go for a walk. You don’t have to stay in the library with your eyes glued to textbooks the whole time.

Often, taking a little time away will refresh you. You can come back to your work with a clear mind and renewed purpose. You will overload yourself if you don’t take adequate breaks. Without them, you will burn yourself out, and that isn’t going to do you any good in the exam hall.

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2. But not too many!

There is a limit. If your ‘breaks’ end up lasting for days at a time you have probably gone too far the other way. It’s all about balance.

3. Get into a good sleeping pattern

Getting into a great sleeping pattern will help get your body get ready for those early morning exams… Plus it’s great practice for Christmas Day!

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4. Be kind to yourself

Remember you are going to be okay. Tell yourself you are capable and you will start to believe it. Your well-being is just as important as these exams. If you need help, ask for it, you will be surprised what the university or school can do for you.

5. Get some exercise

Okay, so this isn’t the most appealing option for everyone. You don’t have to compete in a triathlon for this to work. Just get out of the house for a while and get moving. If the weather doesn’t look inviting, run up and down the stairs a few times. Just get your blood pumping and focus on something other than your books for a minute. Even just walk to a different location: go and revise in a coffee shop or at the library or at a friends house. A change of scenery can do you wonders.

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6. Eat well and regularly

It sounds pretty obvious but it is worryingly easy to forget to eat while in the hazy fog of revision mode. Many students go way too long without food, forgetting it gives them the fuel to carry on.

Others, however, go the opposite way and eat way too much. Sometimes this is a form of procrastination, other times it is because they simply need the brain power. You know what works for you but make sure you are listening to your body and giving it what it needs.

7. Work in a group

Revising can be a pretty lonely business. Mixing things up and getting together a little study group can really help. Teaching others and talking things through can be a really helpful revision method for some.

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8. Shut off social media 

When you’ve got the temptations of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites right in front of you, it can be pretty tough to stay focused.

9. Make exciting plans for afterwards

It is important to keep your morale high. If you make nice plans for after, you can think about them to keep you motivated through the hard times.

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It will all be over soon and if you work hard but give yourself the time, fuel and love that you need, you’ll be just fine.

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