Quiz: What should I wear for graduation?
Knowing what to wear for graduation can be tricky - but our quiz can help you out! Source: Rochelle Nicole/Unsplash

As the academic year draws to a close, many students prepare to wave farewell to their university days and hello to graduate life.

But before you can start your life as a fully-fledged graduate, you first need to attend graduation, which poses a very tricky question: what you should wear?

You want to wear something that represents you and all your hard work but that doesn’t make it easier to choose. If you’re struggling to decide, take our quiz to find out which style you should go for…

Is graduation a big deal for you?

Source: Pan Xiaozhen

Do you have a big budget for your outfit?

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Will you be doing much on your graduation day?

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Is this your first graduation ceremony?

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Do you have to wear a graduation robe and mortar board?

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QUIZ: What should I wear for graduation?
Classy and chic

You've been waiting for your graduation day since starting university and you're ready to flaunt what your mama gave you. Think dinner jacket and tie if you're rocking the masculine vibe or a dress and heels if you want that feminine touch. You'll have a classy new profile picture to show off all your hard work, and impress all your course mates one final time. Just make sure you practice walking in your shoes and possible wardrobe malfunctions so nothing spoils your special moment.
Simple yet sophisticated

You want to look good and show off your hard work, but you also want to keep it low-key. Think a simple dress, flat shoes and some minimalist jewelry if you're going for the feminine touch, or some black jeans, a button up shirt and smart shoes for the masculine vibe. You'll be able to enjoy your graduation in comfort while still having that sophisticated touch.
Something as quirky as you

Your out the box thinking got you your degree, and now it's time to honour that as you graduate. Let your individuality take centre stage with whatever you think will express yourself best. Think clashing colours, bold statements and unconventional designs to really stand out from the crowd - after all, you only graduate once!
Anything comfortable

You've done the hard work and now it's time to relax. Not one for showing off, you just want to graduate with as little fuss as possible. You know it will be a special day no matter what, so why not just be yourself and enjoy it? Champagne celebrations and fancy clothes really aren't your style, so you'll be graduating in whatever you find comfortable in - and that's okay!

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