Queen Mary University of London: A new politics and sociology programme for 2020
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Queen Mary University of London: A new politics and sociology programme for 2020

Based in one of the UK’s most significant cosmopolitan career hubs, and with university sites in China, Malta and Paris, Queen Mary University of London  is a truly global university.

Adopting an international dimension and impact, Queen Mary is a leading research-intensive university, ranked fifth in the UK for the quality of research outputs in the REF2014 exercise, also becoming the first UK university to receive the Gold Watermark from the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

With London as your neighbourhood, Queen Mary brings many potential employers to your doorstep.

Living in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, you can connect your studies to opportunities through the university’s Careers & Enterprise service, or seek internships and work placements through regular campus networking events.

Not only is it a city that’s rich with diversity, it’s also at the centre of major political change.

Since the 2016 Brexit vote, 10 Downing Street in London has been at the forefront of many influential statements made by the Prime Minister, addressing integral issues that face the modern world, meaning you’ll be in the heart of this enthralling action.

With easy access to national debate challenges, witnessing the city’s peaceful demonstrations and partaking in extra-curricular activities set by the School of Politics and International Relations, it’s a haven for aspiring social and political changemakers.

Merging real-world experience with academics, popular QMUL programmes include the BA (Hons) in Politics and the BA (Hons) in International Relations – both including a year abroad component.

New Queen Mary Politics and Sociology Programme

Launching in September 2020, a new programme at QMUL takes an undergraduate stance on the social and economic structures of societies and political change.

Offering two differing study frames, you can either choose to complete the three-year Politics and Sociology BA (Hons) course in London or opt for the four-year study abroad route.

If you choose to go global for this new programme, you’ll benefit from the professional links Queen Mary has with various universities in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Australasia. Often referred to as the adventure of a lifetime, this added extra broadens your knowledge of social and political landscapes around the world.

Both programmes offer excellent on-campus resources to aid your studies. For instance, you get the chance to partake in public debates, film nights and book launches that attract diverse audiences and offer networking opportunities.

With access to the Queen Mary Mile End Institute, you’ll step inside the inner workings of a major discussion forum that specialises in contemporary British politics, featuring regular high-profile speakers and a fresh assortment of academic insights.

Additionally, the Centre for European Research welcomes students and academics interested in learning and research on all matters relating to Europe, propelling your perspective to greater heights.

Explore contemporary social and political concepts, theories and ideologies

Drawing on a range of political and social analysis, the programmes at the School of Politics and International Relations explore contemporary concepts, theories and ideologies that will change your way of thinking.

Through the BA (Hons) in International Relations, you’ll explore international relations through the lens of both historical and contemporary examples, from the 1870s ‘Scramble for Africa’ through to the Cold War, the origins of the War on Terror, the global financial crisis and the Arab Spring.

Through the BA (Hons) in Politics route, you’ll study power, identity, conflict and society, as well as comparative politics, which considers the different national and international political institutions in Britain, the US, Europe and much of the developing world.

And on the new Politics and Sociology programme, you’ll examine why, in an age of increasingly high living standards, many people feel disenchanted and alienated.

Here, you’ll deconstruct questions like, “What is the relationship between the changing social structure in both Britain and the United States?” or “What causes inequality within and between countries, and can current levels of inequality and poverty be justified?”

All programmes are supported by the school’s expert staff, who specialise in areas such as race, gender, class, citizenship and globalisation, and regularly appear in global media, so you’ll soon attain a thorough understanding of sociopolitical issues that will help you to make sense of the world.

An expanding school with research-led teaching

The Queen Mary School of Politics and International Relations is a research-led academic institution which means the research carried out in the school feeds into course and module content. Therefore, students are taught by leading researchers and are inspired to conduct research of their own.

By being research-led, the school also has the benefit of offering an extensive range of modules that cover a wide range of topics.

From learning in a supportive and diverse learning environment with regular office hours, consistent student support and dedicated career advisers who offer one-to-one sessions to help strategise your professional future, you’ll soon elevate the standard of your sociopolitical knowledge with confidence.

The addition of the undergraduate Parliamentary Studies Internship module offered by the school also grants BA Politics students hands-on experience by allowing you to work directly for a UK Member of Parliament.

Partnering real-world placements with research-led teaching and a new politics and sociology programme, 2020 looks bright for any aspiring Queen Mary applicant wishing to gain a deeper insight into social and economic structures of societies and political change.

If you’re interested in applying to this upcoming course at Queen Mary, phone the school on this number: +44 (0)20 7882 8600, or send an email here: politics@qmul.ac.uk

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