G11 Group Discussion Source: GEMS World Academy
Source: GEMS World Academy

“The noblest search is the search for excellence.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

While the 20th century concept of globalisation was defined by rapid growth in trade, today’s global vision has been touched by the digital bug.

The widespread infiltration of the smartphone and the Internet has left us more connected than ever, and the only way forward, it would seem, is to adapt and embrace the changes technology has wrought on the world, lest we become luddites.

But we’d also do well to remember this: that nothing, not even the most advanced technology, can replace human interaction and first-hand experiences. We learn best through experience; while rote learning has its benefits, it’s usually when we get to touch, see, feel and hear that we find ourselves sponging up new information quickest.

Our experiences also determine the trajectory of our future, regardless how wired the world becomes. And so to create that future we want, we need to shelve our fear of the unknown and seek to explore the countries and cultures of this increasingly connected world, especially at a young age.

“Colleges and employers appreciate and covet students who have studied abroad during… school, as they are generally recognized for being more adaptable, independent and skilled,” Carolina Guerra, a soon-to-be high school graduate and former international student, writes for Forbes.

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“Going abroad during high school changes students and the way they interact with the people around them,” Guerra concludes. “It helps them grow their network of friends, mature as people, discover their passions, enhance their skills and become more confident; each of which is of extreme worth, especially at such a young age.”

With western education bursting at the seams amid fierce competition for local school places, many parents are jumping at the chance to enrich their children’s lives through an overseas study experience in the heart of Asia.

According to research by the International School Consultancy, there is now an estimated 8,000 international schools worldwide, teaching a combined total of 4.26 million students. But nowhere has the international education scene experienced such significant growth as within the Asia region.

Less than a decade ago, the BBC reports that these countries each housed less than a dozen global schools, but now, Thailand alone hosts more than 172 international curriculum schools, half of which conform to the UK national curriculum.

On top of this, Malaysia is now home to 142 global schools, Japan to 233, and Singapore to 62. While Hong Kong was home 92 internationally-focused institutions back in 2000, this number has now climbed to 171. But with so many outstanding schools that not only teach your children invaluable life lessons, but also instil them with the cultural understanding that’s so sought-after by global employers, how can you be sure you’ve found the perfect education fit?

To help you make the choice, we’ve selected four world-class international schools in Asia that are guaranteed to help your child achieve success…


Source: GEMS World Academy

Source: GEMS World Academy

Blending a ground-breaking curriculum with child-focused research, cutting-edge facilities and an experienced teaching faculty, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) provides outstanding learning opportunities to the international student community in Singapore.
Educating more than 250,000 students from 151 countries round the globe, GEMS Education represents a truly universal and multicultural learning hub. The school in Singapore is entirely dedicated to the provision of an outstanding global education, through its International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum, offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the IB Diploma Programme, as well as Cambridge IGCSE at Grade 10.  GEMS (Singapore) offers a programme that balances leading academics with sporting endeavours, and of course the arts.
Understanding that academics form the bedrock of your child’s successful development, GEMS (Singapore) noted programme emphasises international perspectives and global ideals. Consistently driving learning through inquiry, GEMS (Singapore) nurtures desirable traits like curiosity and discovery, also providing a cross-disciplinary foundation that reinforces subject connections and bolsters the overall learning experience. But the school’s elite academics are also complemented by unparalleled student facilities.
In addition to state-of-the-art classroom technologies, students here have access to an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a specialist Early Years pool, a contemporary auditorium, an indoor gym complete with climbing wall, and an all-weather playing field, honing the holistic development of all students and representing the ultimate global learning journey.


Dwight School Seoul prides itself on its ability to “find the spark of genius in every child”, through an accredited and respected global curriculum. Dedicated to providing students with the best possible opportunities to see them through adult life, the school offers an extensive foreign language programme and follows the IB curriculum for students in preschool through to age 18.

Dwight School Seoul forms part of a wider global community, with campuses and programmes in New York, London, Vancouver Island and Beijing. Students across all five schools are able to connect, interact and share their unique perspectives and cultural experiences through an impressive series of trips and exchanges.

Dwight School Seoul

Source: Dwight School Seoul

As a culturally-rich student population that represents more than 38 nationalities, the school undoubtedly reflects and promotes the very essence of internationalisation. Here, students have access to the high-tech tools and guidance they need to turn their dreams into reality, with a Learn by Doing approach that grants students the power to design a fulfilling and thriving future. In a hyperconnected world, Dwight’s inclusive atmosphere and digital finesse gives students the foundational skills needed to succeed throughout contemporary life.


Osaka International School (OIS) has been serving the diverse learning needs of the international student community in the Kansai region of Japan since 1991.

Striving to prepare students for a rewarding global future, OIS prides itself on its ability to produce graduates who are competent, ethical, culturally aware and above all, self-reliant. OIS graduates are known to possess the skills that not only enrich them personally, but also enrich and inspire the lives of the people who surround them.

“In our relatively short history we have developed, along with our sister school, Senri International School (SIS), opportunities for a magnificent school experience,” the institution notes.

“Included in this are our renowned music program that has sent students to some of the finest music schools around the world, a competitive sports program that regularly includes travel to international competitions around Asia, and an academic program that consistently develops well rounded and well informed students who are prepared to be global citizens,” OIS concludes.


As Thailand’s second-oldest school, Ruamrudee International has been providing first-class education to its students since 1957. Based in Bangkok, RIS has grown into a community of 1,200 students from all walks of life, pursuing an academic experience steeped in prestige and moral excellence.

Source: Ruamrudee International School

Source: Ruamrudee International School

Ruamrudee, a Thai word which translates to ‘Union of Hearts’, encapsulates the welcoming philosophy of the School. RIS champions a rich diversity that sets the trend for other schools in Asia and worldwide, while its array of courses and programmes are focused on developing your child into a creative and open-minded adult set not just for university, but also later life.

Ruamrudee consistently produces top graduates; this year alone, the school has received 111 offers from universities ranked in the global top 100, including University of California at Berkeley, Cornell University and University College London. RIS is one of the few schools to offer both the Advanced Placement track and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

Coupled with a track-record of academic merit, Ruamrudee boasts an impressive list of facilities to provide a platform for your child’s interests and hobbies. The beautiful 25-acre Wi-Fi enabled campus is home to multiple performing arts and athletic venues, a Robotics labs, a Makerspace, and even a recording studio.

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