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Purdue University: Shaping tomorrow’s supply chain leaders

As a computer science undergraduate student, Mahalakshmi Vasudevan got a taste of the extraordinary pitfalls and promises of the global supply chain world during a work stint with Airlift Cargo Private Limited. She was intrigued by the interplay of business and technology — which led her to pursue a master’s in global supply chain management. “I considered many factors, and Purdue University was my top choice of the eight universities I applied to.”

Nestled in the heart of West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is home to the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business. It is ranked fifth for Master in Supply Chain Management (QS, 2023) and third for production and operation management (US News & World Report, 2022) in the US.

“When selecting Purdue, there was no hesitation,” says Vasudevan. “It was the best place to metamorphose my career from computer science to supply chain.”

Purdue University

Last summer, Vasudevan joined Amazon as a senior programme manager intern. Source: Purdue University

Residential MSGSCM: Diverse learning experiences

The Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM) isn’t just about attending classes. It’s a holistic experience that embraces diverse activities and engagements. You can participate in a rich tapestry of co-curricular workshops, engaging with the latest technologies and collaborating on consulting projects in partnership with the Dauch Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises (DCMME).

Vasudevan found a mentor through DCMME, where she served as a research assistant. “We were trying to understand the supply, demand and cost analysis of rare earth elements and how those can be used in electric vehicles and batteries,” Vasudevan says. “I would recommend that everyone take those courses. They aren’t focused on supply chain, but still provide you with important managerial skills to help you contribute to any field.”

There are more experiential engagements for in-residence master’s students to sharpen their communication, leadership and professionalism. Ten students in the Purdue Future Leaders Programme get to attend the CSCMP Chicago Roundtable — expenses are covered and a travel stipend is provided for networking with industry leaders. Beyond that, in-residence students can attend prominent conferences like the CSMP EDGE Conferencestudy abroad in Peru, join the Data4Good challenge and complete faculty-advised internships or consulting projects.

The result of such diverse learning experiences? You’ll be poised and prepared to secure positions in renowned companies like Amazon, Eastman, Puma, Bollore Logistics and others. Purdue graduates have landed supply chain analyst roles within tech and consulting industries as well.

As the programme is STEM-designated, this means graduates may be eligible for a 24-month extension of post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), resulting in a 36-month authorisation period. The OPT is an opportunity for international students to gain practical experience working off-campus in a job directly related to their major field of study for 12 months.

Purdue University

Purdue University offers career services for all students, providing online learners access to success coaches for guidance on learning, time management, and stress coping. Source: Purdue University

A comprehensive online MSGSCM programme for working professionals

For those seeking to advance their career in Supply Chain Management while balancing professional commitments, Purdue’s Online MSGSCM programme is an ideal choice. Spanning 1.5 to 2.5 years, the programme is developed and taught by the same esteemed faculty as the residential programme.

Jonathan Cook, an engineer and ’23 graduate, chose the programme for its flexibility and standing. “I need to complete the degree at a slower pace because I work full-time, which, along with the school’s reputation, made it the best choice,” he says.

The online programme offers just as many experiential learning opportunities, allowing students to engage with partnering companies to tackle real-life organisational challenges. This way, you can apply what you learn immediately and directly in professional settings. A range of elective courses, including topics like Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chain, Python Programming, Advanced Manufacturing, and Change Management or Negotiation, is provided as well.

“It’s a great programme with a strong balance of core instruction and a broad range of electives,” he says. “Part of the education is getting outside of your organisation and seeing what’s going on in other companies, then bringing that back to your work and applying it to what you’re doing.”

Although you’ll take courses remotely, you will be far from alone. Purdue supports online and residential students by providing career services from day one. Success coaches are available to guide online students, offering support in study skills, time management, and stress management.

With such features, it’s little wonder that the online programme’s graduates have found placements in prominent companies such as Amazon, ExxonMobil, and Cognizant Tech Solutions, among others.

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