This corgi race is the most adorable thing to happen at a US university
Racing to your heart. Source: Shutterstock

Eighteen fluffy-bottomed corgis sprinted about half the length of a football field in what could go down in history as Purdue University’s most adorable event in history.

Organised by the Theta Tau fraternity, the crowd gathers at the Indiana research university’s Grand Prix track to watch the corgis take part in the race, as well as an obstacle course, according to Indy Star

The winner of the race was six-year-old Rupert, whose human is Purdue pharmacy student Mindy Anderson. Anderson and her two children – nine-year-old Ella and 11-year-old Hannah – said they expected Rupert to win.

“He’s very competitive,” Hannah said.

While Rupert kept his eyes on the prize and sped from the start to the finish line. Others were less focused – some were distracted by the crowd of 300 who had gathered while others went to sniffle at a newspaper photographer’s camera.

Whereas during the obstacle course, snacks and treats were offered to these corgis to encourage them to hop through those obstacles.

Organiser and Purdue senior, Eric Li says the event makes them closer as a community now.

“Before, I don’t know there were this many corgis.”

Li and Sage Archer had come up with the idea for the event earlier this year, proceeds of which will go to Give Hope, Fight Poverty, a nonprofit organisation that helps children in poverty through service-learning programmes for students.

Purdue Student Government is said to be interested in making this adorable event an annual thing. Best of all? They’re even thinking of adding more corgis.

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