Preparing for a Career in Public Administration with the University of Miami

At the University of Miami (UM) in Florida, you have the opportunity to join the Department of Political Science (POL) and further your knowledge in the dynamic public administration field. As an established part of a US Top 50 University, students in this department have access to high-tech facilities and an exceptional faculty of experienced industry professionals.

In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s important to have a stable platform for the study of political science. Fueled by the direction and guidance of this UM department, you will soon evolve into a confident leader and excel as a 21st-century changemaker.

Progress with Public Administration 

So, why is it so important to obtain a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) degree? As online media platforms expand and citizen journalism increases, the truth can sometimes get lost in translation. That’s why there’s a need to protect the public against destructive information. By implementing policies, analyzing data and creating solutions to problems, we can control the effect of harmful data and reduce its negative impact. By helping society to preserve its ethics and values, public administration is a rewarding career for any student committed to a life of public service.

As UM Associate Professor of Political Science, Joseph Uscinski, explains in his talk on information, opinion and democracy, “I believe that facts matter and I believe that we all want to live in a world where our relations are governed by truth. Yet, as many people believe, we are becoming a post-truth world. As a Political Scientist at the University of Miami, I study fake news and conspiracy theories and the impact they have on today’s society. That’s why it’s important to develop solutions and to study this subject so that we can face our global challenges responsibly and effectively.”

This MPA explores topics like public policy analysis, financial management, political analysis, human resource management, and business-government relations. It’s a multidimensional degree with many benefits for postgraduate learners. Plus, with a module dedicated to a Public Service Internship, you’ll get the exclusive chance to put your political science and public administration skills into practice.

Students with solutions

The UM Public Administration program encourages students to design and develop solutions for current and future issues facing the world. It’s a student-oriented faculty that conducts small yet stimulating seminars and promotes group discussion, so you’ll have the opportunity to freely discuss your ideas with fellow students and members of staff.  The MPA is also available online for students who prefer a distance-learning format.  Indeed, UM is listed among the top-30 online MPA programs (rank 23).  For undergraduate students, it is possible to major in Public Administration through the Political Science Department. An option exists for UM students to complete in five years both their Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Public Administration.

The MPA student video showcases a selection of graduates who share their opinion of their UM experience:

Through my studies in the MPA program, I’ve been able to develop a phenomenal understanding of both the legislative process and the federal rulemaking process, and also the intricacies and logistics of running a government agency or NGO. With the educational foundation I’ve acquired from the UM, I’ve now been granted a wide variety of career options.” – Brendan Corrigan

“When looking through the courses, I noticed that the UM Master’s of Public Administration degree had a unique non-profit aspect and a vast range of modules to match. That’s why it was a perfect fit for me!” – Katrina Torres

“The MPA program did a lot to facilitate my exposure to new ideas. Not only are you learning from professional professors who have been doing this work and who know a lot about what they teach, but you’re also in a classroom filled with students from diverse backgrounds who have extraordinary experiences. Therefore, you get to learn a lot more about the impact of public affairs than you would at other universities.” – Vanessa Joseph

Find your future in Public Service

The Master’s of Public Administration program at the University of Miami helps learners to find their voice. Encouraging students to make educated decisions about current theories of management and helping them formulate effective public policies and programs, the department has earned an excellent reputation as a leader of the field.

With prime leaders of political science such as Professor Jonathan West and his colleagues steering you through the MPA framework, your future is in safe hands. Plus, with regular faculty appearances and news features, the department has developed a public network of support and interest over the years.

Your career is a crucial element to your academic journey at the University of Miami. Since you’ll be enhancing your knowledge about public administration, you’ll be expecting to advance ahead of graduate competition. That’s why the UM Department of Political Science provides incredible jobs and internship links for you to discover. With close connections to the Presidential Management Fellow Program and the University of Miami Toppel Career Center, you’re free to explore job roles and employment opportunities.

Once you’ve graduated with your MPA degree, you can find employment in a variety of sectors and work in a multitude of roles. You could become a Business Consultant, an NGO Program Administrator, a Purchasing Manager or even an Executive Director. At the UM Department of Political Science, anything is possible. Here, your voice will be heard, and your talent will always be appreciated.

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