University of Miami MPA: Enter a fast-growing field
Jenny Abreu

“I looked at what it was showing, I saw the non-profit aspect, I saw the different things that it offered and I thought, ‘You know what? It’s perfect. It’s at UM, it’s something that I’m interested in and I really want to do it.’ So, I thought it was just right for me.” – Katrina Torres, UM MPA alumna

Home to more than 16,000 students from diverse global roots, the University of Miami (UM) is a recognized hub of culture and potential. Eleven prominent schools and colleges form this noted center of excellence, catering to more than 180 majors and cutting-edge research.

Warmed by the enduring rays of America’s Sunshine State, students here enjoy an unrivalled quality of life alongside world-class academics, with US News and World Report ranking UM as the 44th-best in the nation, also citing several of its programs in ‘America’s Best Graduate Schools’.

Enter the UM Department of Political Science (POL); host to a dynamic set of undergraduate majors, minors and graduate program options. Here, dedicated staff research and teach current and relevant developments within political science, producing experienced, internationally-minded graduates who progress and innovate in the fast-paced social science field.

Jenny Abreu

POL’s Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) has been carefully constructed to serve the demands of the public service sector. Here, you will learn the essential components of professionalism – excellence in technique, ethics and leadership – to gain a clear head start in this impactful global sector.

As one of society’s fastest-growing disciplines, the public service market is a world-renowned pool of graduate potential. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of new government jobs is forecasted to rise by 1.4 million within the next 10 years. With the help of the university’s reputed MPA, you will achieve the professional edge needed to progress your career in public service, instilling a qualified foundation that crosses continents and cultures.

“The MPA program did a lot to facilitate my exposure to new ideas,” says Vanessa Joseph, former participant of this comprehensive program.

“Not only are you learning a lot from seasoned professors who have been doing this work and who know a lot about what they teach, but you’re also in a classroom filled with students from diverse backgrounds who have diverse experiences and get to learn a little bit from every single person.”

This program is universally applicable and significant, with a flexible option delivered online for the busy working professional. The best thing about the UOnline MPA is its promise of access to the very same networking opportunities received in its on-campus form, perfect for the more experienced applicant hoping to build on existing expertise. This notable distance learning program offers a range of in-person networking activities, granting students the chance to forge invaluable connections with classmates, members of faculty and powerful industry players.

Jenny Abreu

Students would be hard pressed to find the knowledge base gained from the UM MPA anywhere else in the world. Classes are lively, inclusive and engaging, instilling a comprehensive skill set that remains applicable on a global scale.

“Through my studies in the Master’s of Public Administration degree, I think I’ve been able to really develop a phenomenal understanding of both the legislative process, the federal rule-making process and also the intricacies and logistics of running a government agency or NGO,” says Brendan Corrigan, fellow program alumni. “With that educational foundation, I think [it] will enable me to [take advantage of] a wide variety of options.”

With retirement fast-approaching for tens of thousands of current civil servants, there has never been a better time to forge a career in the field. This, plus the ‘explosive’ surge of government outsourcing to private organizations and non-profits has spurred the rising demand for those who want to make an impact. This is why the UM MPA imbues highly-employable skills, refining globally-minded students equipped to manage people, money and technology, and who are increasingly desired by graduate employers.

Jenny Abreu

“My career started as a result of my time as a graduate [MPA] student at the University of Miami,” says Alina Hudak, former program student who now successfully serves within the public service sector.

“[It] truly defined me and helped set me on the course that got me where I am today,” she adds. “Thirty-one years later, I’m a Deputy Mayor for Miami-Dade County… Public Service is a calling – you either have it or you don’t. So, I would say to someone who wants to be in public service: [you] have to be tough…

“But I will also tell [you] that [you] will never find a more rewarding profession,” the graduate concludes, “and you will never find an opportunity to feel like you’ve truly made a difference in [your] community.”

The deadline to submit your application for the Fall 2018 term is June 1, 2018 for international students and July 15, 2018 for domestic students. Click here for on-campus admission, or here if you would like to apply for UM’s online option.

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