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Performing arts students and fans, have you ever wanted to take masterclasses to immerse yourself in London’s iconic arts scene? Or perhaps expose yourself to Irish culture through the native traditional Ceili dance? Performing Arts Abroad (PAA) is for you. 

Performing arts has always been seen as an outlet for creativity as well as self-expression. When it comes to learning about other cultures, performing arts programmes can create an authentic learning experience and act as a great way to bridge gaps. 

PAA offers students study abroad programmes, internships abroad, accredited internships and the Arts for Social Change initiative that focuses on four disciplines: music, film, theatre and dance. These performing arts programmes open up a window into cross-cultural learning and enhance artists’ crafts abroad in their respective disciplines. As they say, ‘the world is your stage’. 

Study Abroad Programmes

performing arts

This practise-based study abroad programme allows performers to deepen their understanding of their craft. Source: Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP

Promoting the idea that study abroad programmes are for everyone, PAA dispels the myth that these programmes are only restricted to certain disciplines or degree choices. Here, many exciting Study Abroad Programmes are open to everyone to study, teach, discover, inspire and be inspired.  

From Irish Dance to Italian Opera and even filmmaking in Paris, this practise-based study abroad programme has a wide range of choices that allows performers to deepen their understanding of their craft. The specific techniques learnt will allow you to become a well-rounded performer and help you stand out at auditions. Every experience is unique and will enrich your perspective as an artist. 

It’s also perfect for enrolled university students as you will receive internationally accredited academic transcripts from institutions hosting the performing arts programmes. PAA does curricular mapping too, ensuring that its courses align with most university requirements. 

Internships Abroad 

performing arts

This hands-on internship programme offers experiential opportunities to get behind the professional scenes. Source: Angela Weiss/AFP

If you want to get some hands-on experience, choose the Internships Abroad programme. Through this, you’ll work around 30 hours a week in real performing arts environments. At the end of your stint, you will be invited to complete a final showcase to demonstrate what you’ve learned, with funding from PAA of up to USD$100. This is a perfect way for you to increase your knowledge of the international arts. 

You can choose to spend four weeks to six months in one of the destinations available: Barcelona, Ecuador and Florence. This hands-on internship programme offers experiential opportunities to get behind the scenes and understand how your craft is presented in different cultural and professional contexts. 

Such exposure will not only help you build a network of international artists, it will also increase your chances of scoring interviews and landing a job offer overseas.

Accredited Internships

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Students have the opportunity to receive internship credits with the Accredited Internships programme. Source: Daniel Munoz/AFP

Unlike the Internships Abroad Programme, Accredited Internships is conducted in partnership with Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, US. Two options are offered to students to receive internship credits: through a PAA-Plymouth State University partnership or by arranging for credit approval with your home universities. 

If you decide to go through with the PAA-Plymouth State University partnership, you can earn between three to 12 credits in four fields: Communication and Media Studies, Dance, Music and Theatre. Read more information about eligibility and how credits are calculated here

Arts for Social Change

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The Arts for Social Change programme started as a collaboration with a Theatre for Development (TfD) group in the Nairobi, Kenya. Source: Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP

The debut programme of PAA, the Arts for Social Change programme grew out of a collaborative effort with Theatre for Development (TfD), a group in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The initiative used a combination of acrobatics, music, dance and theatre to address social issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, prostitution and xenophobia. 

Not to be mistaken for a volunteer programme, you will directly contribute to many forms of development that are mainly focused on empowerment, self-expression and self-confidence through four main disciplines – music, film, theatre and dance.

The main takeaway for participants? To observe first-hand how the performing arts can be a powerful tool in transforming communities by growing through difficult situations. By the end of it, many are inspired to implement these learnings in their own communities back home. 

Programmes include Music for Social Change, Dance Therapy and Education or even Circus Arts. Explore the full list of programmes here.