Creative arts
For a warm welcome and solid foundation in the arts, there’s no better place than the US. Photo source: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

The creative, imaginative, and talented are spoiled for choice when it comes to higher education in the US. Programmes here can help them refine their talent, but that’s not the biggest benefit. An American creative arts degree can provide learners with the guidance, support, and well-rounded skill sets needed to harness their talents in ways that boost employability. 

According to Forbes, surveys have confirmed that Americans are highly engaged in the arts  –– as attendees, art makers, purchasers, and advocates. They believe that creative expression promotes wellbeing and helps us understand other cultures in communities. That said, there’s no better place for a warm welcome and strong foundation.

From the areas of photography and videography, to fashion design, performing arts, film, visual arts, multimedia design, and more –– each academic pathway leads to varied portfolios that are sure to impress future employers. 

Not too long ago, these courses were deemed as frivolous in light of the STEM boom, however, the arts are now seen as a vital component of education due to their ability to enhance personal growth. With a creative education, students learn to hone the transferable skills today’s organisations need, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, time management, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. 

If these are the competencies you know you need to succeed, look no further than these universities in the US:

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP) is home to an excellent College of Fine Arts and Communication (COFAC) where imaginations run free and talents are nurtured in the most effective ways possible. Nestled in a safe and welcoming small town, UWSP achieves more than you might expect—and they have the accolades to prove it. The university ranks among the nation’s top 7% with national accreditation in all four arts fields: Art and Design (NSAD and CIDA), Dance (NASD), Music (NASM), and Theatre (NAST). Recognition aside, its high impact learning experiences speak volumes as well. Even after over 50 years, the COFAC continues to offer a wide range of quality degree programmes to aspiring creative professionals.

Creative arts

After over 50 years, the COFAC continues to offer a wide range of quality degree programmes to aspiring creatives. Source: University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

The School of Design and Communication covers the areas of art, art history, graphic design, interior architecture, media studies, and professional communication. Each course is delivered by dedicated faculty members to ensure students are prepared for today’s jobs and tomorrow’s.

Meanwhile, School of Performing Arts guides students through the topics of music (music education, performance, and jazz studies); theatre (acting, drama, musical theatre, theatre design and technology); dance, and arts management. Each is known to inspire greatness. For example, 100% of music education graduates acquire teaching positions throughout the region.

Across programmes offered by these dynamic schools, outstanding student outcomes is the aim. Thanks to small class sizes, personalised attention, faculty mentorship during research and creative activities, industry connections, and hands-on curricula –– artistic success is guaranteed. State-of-the-art facilities house not only classrooms and studios but also galleries, theatres, student-run radio and TV stations, the Aber Suzuki Centre and the renowned American Suzuki Institute.

Internships and externships across the US and the UK make learning even more experiential. Collectively, it is a recipe for success –– evident through the accomplishments of graduates that are currently thriving everywhere from Broadway to Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about joining them, click here.

University of California, Berkeley

One word to describe UC Berkeley’s Arts + Design landscape? Rich. Here, classes that lead to certificates or degrees abound. Students are also given multiple opportunities to engage with research, explore venues on campus, join various students clubs, and attend exciting events. 

Creative Arts

At UC Berkeley Arts + Design, studies span the visual arts, performing arts, literature, film/media, and design. Source: UC Berkeley

Studies span the visual arts, performing arts, literature, film/media, and design. The Art Practice Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree that prepares students for productive careers in the visual arts. 

While most enrollees focus on pursuing fine art careers with these qualifications, others use them as a means to develop their creative voices. Many use this platform as a golden ticket into the field of arts management, education, fashion, game design, graphic design, UI/UX, and much more. 

Meanwhile, the university’s Department of Music gives students the opportunity to learn from a renowned group of composers, scholars, and performers. To do so, every music major will complete the Musicianship Placement Exam before beginning their journey. The Department grants a BA degree in music and a minor in music

Those keen on taking the stage could opt to join the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies instead, where performance is seen as a mode of critical inquiry, creative expression, and public engagement. Students here are developing their confidence through BAs or minors in Dance and Performance Studies or Theatre and Performance Studies

Baylor University

Baylor University’s Department of Art and Art History offers students the finest undergraduate education with an exceptional faculty, formative curriculum, and outstanding facilities. 

Three programmes lead the way: the BA in Art History, the BA in Studio Art, and the AFA in Studio Art. Various disciplines are covered such as ceramics, fabric design, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Minors are also available in both art history and studio art. 

Creative Arts

Virtually all aspects of music and performance programmes are offered here, including Strings, Orchestras, Voice, Opera, Choirs, as well as Piano and Organ. Source: Baylor University

Regardless of chosen paths, every student gets to enjoy an interactive experience thanks to their university’s efforts. This includes rubbing shoulders with internationally-known artists and speakers that love to frequent Baylor’s picturesque campus. When they are unable to, conversations are held over Zoom. Thanks to their presence, virtually or physically, every student body member gets to converse and mingle with scholars and professional artists who are practising their craft across the globe.

The Creative Arts Experience is an added bonus, providing students with enriching programmes of art, music, theatre, film, and literature. Through a wide variety of fine arts events, they witness an additional focus on how these arts are seen through a culturally rich global lens. 

Those in search of an inspiring music education of the highest quality in a tight-knit, caring community can consider the School of Music as well. Virtually all aspects of music and performance programmes are offered here, including Strings, Orchestras, Voice, Opera, Choirs, as well as Piano and Organ

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