Not all pathway programmes are created equal. Here are 3 ways they differ from one another

Not all pathway programmes are created equal. Here are 3 ways they differ from one another
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Before applying to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree abroad, pathway programmes are there to help you build the skills, knowledge and qualifications to match the degree requirements.

So if you’ve got a burning desire to study a Bachelor’s in Canada, but you lack the confidence or English language skills to apply for an undergraduate programme straightaway, a pathway programme can help boost your communication skills and familiarity with a university campus.

But while you search for a pathway programme to suit your direction of study, you’ll soon notice that different countries have different names for their pathway programmes.

For instance, in some countries, a pre-bachelor’s degree pathway may be known as a “University Transfer Programme (UTP)” or a “Foundation Year”.

So whenever you’re confused, remember that there are three different types of pathway programmes:

  • Bachelor’s preparation
  • Accelerated Bachelor’s preparation
  • Master’s preparation

Bachelor’s preparation

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What can you expect from a Bachelor’s preparation pathway? Source: Dominque Faget/AFP

If you don’t yet qualify to start an undergraduate degree from your chosen university, consider taking a Bachelor’s preparation course.

One Bachelor’s preparation pathway that universities may provide is a “Foundation Year”.

You’ll learn the basics of your specified degree subject and experience life on campus by using the university’s facilities and speaking to the faculty regularly.

And by successfully completing this foundation course, you may gain direct entry into the first year or the second year of your desired degree and university. 

Some universities also provide pre-Bachelor’ss summer courses that help to refine your English language skills, exam know-hows and overall academic skills.

Others may have on-site English language centres to boost your communication skills while you study too.

Accelerated Bachelor’s preparation

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What does an accelerated Bachelor’s pathway programme entail? Source: Frederick Florin//AFP

If you want to speed your studies up, then search for an accelerated bachelor’s pathway programme. 

Known as the ‘fast track’ of all study routes, an accelerated Bachelor’s pathway programme means that you’ll complete your degree in less than three or four years.

For instance, UK universities now offer two-year accelerated degrees to quickly connect you to your Master’s, yet the workload is the same as a traditional three-year degree and you may need to work through the traditional summer holiday breaks.

And to prepare you for the rapid switch from drifting along your high school highway to switching up the speed to study in the fast lane, universities may also provide a preparation course so that you can brace for the sudden changes.

Master’s preparation

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Planning to progress to postgraduate level studies? Source: Frederick Florin/AFP

If you’re searching for a Master’s degree abroad but you don’t quite meet the academic or language entry requirements, then a Master’s preparation course is there to help you get to the required level.

Upon successful completion of this course, international students will be guaranteed progression to their specified Master’s degree at their chosen university,

So if you maintain a good attendance level and you surpass your faculty’s expectations, then a Master’s pathway programme could be the bridge between you and a successful global career.