What is an accelerated degree?
Do you know what a UK accelerated degree is? Source: Shutterstock

You may have heard of a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, but have you ever heard of an accelerated degree?

As part of an attempt to cut tuition fees by 20 percent, UK universities may soon start offering accelerated two-year degree programmes.

According to the UK Minister for Universities, Sam Gyimah, “Accelerated degrees not only make it possible for the next generation of students to access higher education and the undeniable financial, academic and personal benefits it has to offer but drives the sector to offer dynamic choices that serve students’ needs.”

But had you ever heard of UK accelerated degrees before the release of this news?

Would you be keen to pursue an accelerated degree? Source: Jonathan Daniels/Unsplash

To answer this question, a new report by IFF Research, conducted in partnership with UK NARIC, investigated the current international opinion of the UK’s unique qualification offerings.

Key findings are as follows:

– 59 percent of international respondents had not heard of accelerated degrees.

– Once introduced to the concept, 44 percent said they would consider studying an accelerated programme.

– 56 percent of respondents believe the government in their home country would recognise a UK one-year master’s degree.

While at first, the concept was not recognised by the majority of respondents, as soon as they were made aware of the benefits, many were eager to experience the streamlined path to a UK degree.

By cutting the course length short and enabling international students to save costs, accelerated degrees could soon enter the market and remain in popular demand.

But many want to know whether they would receive the same high-quality education with a five-year degree compressed into a two-year programme?

And what do other people – i.e. employers – think about the UK accelerated degree?

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